A new casino resort is coming to Vietnam

The Vienna Group will officially open the Phu Quoc United Center north of Pearl Island. With over 1,000 hectares and thousands of record entertainment items, the Phu Quoc United Center will be Vietnam’s first sleepless super-complex in addition to its 24/7 resort and shopping ecosystem, making Phu Quoc a “new international destination” in Asia.

The Phu Quoc United Center is being developed as an “All-in-One” model with a total investment of more than $2.8 billion ~600 billion dong. It includes a hotel brand system with more than 10,000 rooms, from mini hotels to five-star hotel brands such as Vin Pearl, Vin Oasis, Vin Holiday, and Radisson Blu. It also has Vietnam’s largest theme park, Vin Wonders Phu Quoc, one of Asia’s largest quasi-wildlife protection parks, Vin Pearl Safari, 18-hole Vin Pearl Golf Course, Corona 5-star casino, Grand World Insomnia Shopping and Entertainment City, and Vin Meg Hospital.

With thousands of facilities and an ecosystem of record entertainment items, the Phu Quoc United Center not only meets the needs of all visitors to enjoy, play, relax and explore, but also offers an unprecedented experience in Vietnam.

Grand World – “Sleepless Cities” is a unique experience that can only be seen at Phu Quoc United Center. With an area of 85 hectares and a central location, Grand World owns splendid and magnificent architecture, bustling and trendy commercial streets, and exciting festivals and parties, in addition to bustling entertainment centers in Venice, Shanghai, night markets, Kstreet, and Vietnam. All of this operates 24/7 nonstop for bustling atmospheres and endless and dynamic festival spaces, just like the world’s famous sleepless cities. 슬롯사이트 추천

Specifically, Phu Quoc is the grandest multimedia scene show named “The Elite of Vietnam” only in the Grand World, where you can enjoy the best entertainment technology, discover the nation’s largest bamboo legend made of 32,000 bamboo tops, and visit the Teddy Bear Museum, which attracts millions of young tourists. In addition, visitors can also travel around the magnificent Venice-shaped canal, see the ancient Venice Clock Tower, immerse themselves in the 19,500m2-wide ocean square, or appreciate Urban Park’s unique pieces of contemporary art.

In addition to the iconic check-in location, Grand World is also a city of colorful parties and festivals, from local festivals like the Nguyen Trung Trung Festival and Boat Racing Festival to vibrant carnivals in Thailand, India, the United States, Germany, and Mexico.

It is also Vietnam’s only place where visitors can stay up all night at the first five-star casino open to Vietnamese. With 1,000 slot machines and 100 game tables, the Corona Casino, which is integrated with a 600-seat theater, is comparable to the world’s famous casinos.

“Sleepless City” is connected to the empty Wonders Pu Quark, a “land without boredom,” which opened in April 2020. With more than 100 interesting games and great shows, Southeast Asia’s largest theme park, covering 55 hectares, will take several days to fully explore.

Another important component of the Phu Quoc United Center is Vin Pearl Safari Phu Quoc, the largest semi-wildlife conservation park in Southeast Asia. Home to more than 4,000 animals from nearly 200 species in every global biological region in the world and a unique “Free Animals, Captured People” model, Phu Quoc has become a “must-visit destination” on Phu Quoc tourist maps shortly after its opening in 2015 with the best-rated animal welfare conditions in the region and the Southeast Asian Zoo Association’s SEAZA global standard approach.

The Phu Quoc United Center has a hotel system with more than 10,000 rooms, ranging from mini hotels to five-star hotel brands such as Vin Pearl, Vin Oasis, Vin Holiday, and Radisson Blu, to meet a variety of accommodation demands for new “international destinations.” In addition, the super complex also has a five-star meeting incentive conference event MICE system – Vin Pearl Convention Center, 18-hole Vin Pearl Golf Course, Vin Mek International Hospital, and Vin School Interlevel School.

In addition to the large and global entertainment industry, the Phu Quoc United Center will be Vietnam’s premier resort-business-investment luxury, not just an entertainment complex. In particular, the Phu Quoc United Center’s “Sleepless City” model not only lays the foundation for Vietnam’s night-time economic development but also is a step forward in transforming the country into a new international destination on the global tourism map.

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