African worker with 12 children marks one-year anniversary of death on French Olympic construction site

Southwest Asia is slamming France over the death of an African and Asian worker at a stadium construction site.

“It has been a year since Malian Amara Dioumassi died while working on the Seine River improvement site in Paris, France,” Al Jazeera, a leading Southwest Asian media outlet based in Qatar, reported on June 12. “He was the first person to die during the construction of infrastructure for the 2023 Olympic Games.” “He was a kind man who baked bread every morning for his employees,” the outlet said. “He was a man who distributed bread to his workers every morning and treated people with kindness,” Al Jazeera recalled, adding that he was a father of 12 children.

Diumasi died last year at the age of 51 after being hit by a truck. He worked near the Austerlitz Bridge on the Seine River. In late April, dozens of people gathered there to honor Diumassi, Al Jazeera reported. The event was organized by the French General Confederation of Labor (CGT). Signs read “Justice for Amara” and “Victim of safety violations at Amara site”. “There were serious safety issues,” said CGT representative Lies Schoai, “there were no signs for pedestrian crossings, the trucks didn’t make a peak sound when they reversed, and there was no one guiding the trucks in the cramped visibility for the drivers.” Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo recently approved the installation of a memorial near the site of the death, and the city of Paris announced that it would “name an alley after him.”

The Seine River will host swimming and triathlon events during the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games. “There are deadlines for certain construction sites related to the Olympics,” Mr. Shoai said, adding that the stress and pressure on workers was to make the Seine suitable for swimming. “There have been at least 181 accidents in construction projects related to the Olympics, 31 of them serious,” Al Jazeera reported, adding that “many of the workers preparing for the Games are being forced to work in conditions that often do not comply with labor laws.”

“When it comes to cities, the Olympics often act like a parasite,” said Jewels Boykov, author of Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics, “and with 안전놀이터 deadlines comes the potential for corruption, worker mistreatment.” In France, more than two workers die on construction sites every day, according to the latest report from the French national health insurance system. “The Olympics expose a number of social problems,” Boykov said, noting that the host cities used workers with no guaranteed legal status, who were often exploited because they had no social clout. “France is the fourth most dangerous country in Europe for workers, with 560,000 accidents in 2022, more than any other EU member state,” Al Jazeera reported.

According to officials from the French Confederation of Labor, 50 to 60 percent of construction workers in France are immigrants, many of whom do not have guaranteed legal status. More than 500 “illegal” workers employed by 33 companies working on the Olympic construction project even went on strike in October 2023 until they received proper immigration documents and the right to work legally in France. “They negotiated with the government and got legal 안전한 파워볼사이트 immigrant status,” Al Jazeera reported. “Justice for the workers is to hold the multinational companies responsible for the construction projects, the management, accountable for the lack of safety,” Boykov emphasized.

European and U.S. media outlets have been relentlessly broadcasting to the world the deaths of workers over the years in Qatar, which hosted the 2021 World Cup soccer tournament. They have strongly criticized the Qatari government for the deaths of African and Asian illegal migrants working in poor conditions in preparation for the first World Cup in Southwest Asia.


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