New Jersey Legalizes Online Gambling

Just days after Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, the former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, signed Congressional Bill 114, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accepted and signed an online gambling amendment last week after a veto. The bill probably won’t go into effect for several months, because the New Jersey State Game Enforcement Administration has the power to set a date for the start of its implementation.

These two bills are quite different. Nevada’s legislation became law effective immediately and included provisions for interstate agreements, which are intended to avoid unspecified federal regulations. New Jersey, on the other hand, is designed to provide games abroad, as federal law allows. Nevada needs outside players because of its thin population, but New Jersey can do just fine with this bill’s 15% tax on Atlantic City casino revenue. New Jersey is home to about three times as many residents as Nevada, where about 4% of all citizens have been identified as problem gamblers by the New Jersey Council on Forced Gambling.

Raising taxes on online revenue from Atlantic City casinos from 10% to 15% was also one of the reasons why Governor Christie signed the bill today, which he vetoed last week. Another provision he argued for was that the bill contained a sunset clause, which would not be renewed in both houses, and would expire in 10 years unless the governor of the state in residence at the time signed it again. This provision is intended to give the state a ‘reality check’ from the standpoint of problem gamblers, but we suspect that the contract will be renegotiated on that anniversary as well.

Poker players are likely to be the first to enjoy both new laws, as Nevada and New Jersey, which have licensed all three aspects of the game in addition to providing actual games, have companies offering poker in Atlantic City. Nevada law requires all games to be offered in Atlantic City, while The Streep is officially ‘parada’It’s an unincorporated part of Nevada known as Is.

The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel was recently acquired by the parent company of PokerStars, which we expect to be the starting point for New Jersey online gaming. It’s anyone’s guess who’s going to offer the first casino and slot game, but for those who’ve been waiting a long time for the game to unfold, it’s going to be an event, and it won’t be a quiet moment.

With Delaware a true pioneer in legislation, Nevada is rushing emergency measures to pass the first meaningful online gambling law, and New Jersey is now firmly established in the field, it will be a tremendous spectacle to witness the fight for market dominance that is not even sure if this is the market. Federal legislation will have to be passed to ensure that President Obama’s DOJ opinion that the 1961 fixed-line law only applies to sports betting is the state’s law. This is because if federal law is not passed, the State Rights Commission will ensure that the provisions of the interstate agreement survive a long court battle. But New Jersey didn’t just place restrictions on American players, and it may have been enough time to drink. Time will tell. 온라인카지노

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