“Rookie Tiger” Yoon Young-chul pitched six innings with one hit and no runs

While striking out four until the sixth inning, only one hit was allowed to Kim Min-seok in the third inning.

With Yoon Young-chul’s perfect pitch, Lotte’s batters couldn’t even step on second base until the sixth inning.

While Yoon Young-chul pitched the best pitch of his life, KIA’s batters took the lead by scoring three runs in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Lotte’s mound overloaded three walks in the fourth inning alone, and first baseman Han Dong-hee made a decisive mistake and collapsed on his own.

In the fifth inning, Na Sung-bum even hit a solo home run over the right fence to win.

KIA gave up one run in the seventh inning, but the bullpen kept its three-point lead well and overpowered Lotte for two consecutive days.

[Yoon Young Chul / KIA Pitcher: I have a lot of difficulties because I’m the youngest, so I’m thankful that they took care of me first, and I’m thankful that I showed a lot of good things in defense when I started]

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, who lost three consecutive games after 11 consecutive wins, is sent off while protesting the video reading results.

Catcher Yang Eui-ji’s foot was found to have blocked the home plate, but he objected to it and protested strongly.

It is Lee Seung-yeop’s first exit order since his debut as the head coach.

Doosan failed to keep the lead by two points due to a decisive error in the ninth inning, and eventually lost four consecutive games with a painful reversal.listen to pronunciationCopysave translationsave translationsee more


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