Sono was unable to play spring basketball in its first season

Sono of Goyang is showing a wide range of moves in the free agent FA market. As it failed to pass the playoff threshold for the sixth round, it is certain that it will strengthen its power well in the next season.

Sono did not play basketball during the spring season in its first season. As the team was established belatedly ahead of this season, the team failed to properly organize its players. “It is quite regrettable. The team did not have the capacity to advance to the sixth round. Next season, I will not repeat the season that I failed to play again by properly organizing my players,” Sono coach Kim Seung-ki said.

As soon as the season ended, the coach started devising his best capability. He was the first to embrace Jung Hee-jae, a fantastic FA. As an active pro at LG, he garnered great popularity in the FA market this time, and in fact, multiple teams approached him. However, Sono was the winner of the fierce recruitment battle. Sono signed a contract with Jung for 350 million won including 70 million won in incentives for the first year of his four-year contract. He then signed a four-year contract with Choi Seung-wook, who used to play for the DB, for 400 million won including 100 million won in incentives for the first year.

Kim Jinyu, who keeps wearing Sono’s uniform. 스포츠토토

Sono also signed a three-year contract with forwards Lim Dong-seop and Kim Young-hoon for a total of 150 million won 10,800 U.S. dollars in compensation for the first year, and 60 million won 60,000 dollars in compensation for the first year, respectively. He also renewed his contract with Kim Jin-yu, an internal FA, on the condition that he sign a three-year contract and 200 million won 27,900 dollars in compensation for the first year.

Sono, who moved quickly, collected a large number of semi-scale FA. Most of them are 3&D resources with excellent outside shooting ability and defense. There is a reason. This is because there are already certain Korean scorers named Lee Jung-hyun and Jeon Seong-hyun. If you add foreign players and the Asian quarter with offensive power, you will have enough offensive resources. Sono’s FA recruitment is a success as he needed a player who could defend and finish the Open Chance on the outskirts.

Sono, who strengthened his skills as planned in the FA market, plans to sign a contract with a foreign player in the Asian quarter. Sono’s next season is already drawing keen attention from fans.

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