‘Surprise Prospect’ Appears → Sharp Analysis by German Media

It was argued that Kim Min-jae, who had a sluggish record until recently, was the right person to prevent Arsenal’s attack.

Germany’s Bayern Strike predicted on the 9th that Kim Min-jae will start as a center back in the expected lineup of Bayern Munich and Arsenal.

Munich will play Arsenal in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals in the 2023-2024 season at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, at 4 a.m. on the 10th.

Munich is not doing well recently. It has lost two consecutive official matches, and was completely defeated at Der Klassiker against Dortmund, which effectively ended its race to win the Bundesliga.

Even Heidenheim, currently ranking 11th, suffered humiliating upset loss of 2-3 and allowed Leverkusen a magic number -1. Regardless of the outcome of the Munich game, Leverkusen will win its first Bundesliga title early on with one more win.

Munich must focus on the Champions League, free from humiliating league results. For now, its opponent is Arsenal, the leader in the Premier League. Munich is a challenger regardless of its previous record, as it boasts a solid balance between offense and defense.

Munich’s most recent victory over Munich was in a group match in 2015, when the team won 2-0. Of course, there have been only three matches since then, all of which ended in a 5-1 victory for Munich. Arsenal plan to take this opportunity to take revenge on Munich.

Most German media predict that Kim Min-jae will sit on the bench in this Arsenal away match.

German soccer magazine Kicker reported the team’s situation ahead of Munich’s upcoming away match against Arsenal on the 8th, predicting that Kim Min-jae will be pushed to the bench with Dayo Upamecano.

The media predicted changes in the defense in addition to changes elsewhere, saying, “There will be more changes in the central defense after the defeat at Heidenheim last weekend,” adding, “Uppamecano and Kim Min-jae received the opportunity to recommend themselves to the UEFA Champions League, but the possibility disappeared. I made too many mistakes.”

“Eric Dyer and Matthijs D’Richt, who took a break, will be selected as starters unless something else happens,” he predicted.

Kim Min-jae’s poor performance was the main cause of the 2-3 upset loss against Heidenheim. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was the worst game since joining Munich.

Kim Min-jae, who had recently been on the bench after being pushed to three options since Eric Dier joined the winter transfer market, started in five games, but was involved in all three of Munich’s runs and was taken as the cause of a 2-3 loss.

In the early part of the first half, Kim easily demonstrated his competitiveness by blocking the home team’s counterattack by using his fast speed and hand-to-hand defense of the opponent team’s shot. Munich also took the lead by 2-0 thanks to back-to-back goals by Harry Kane and Serge Gnabry.

However, the nightmare began after that. During the opponent team’s long kick in the fifth minute of the second half, the defense had an aerial challenge with home team striker Clyndinst, but failed to handle the challenge properly and the ball landed right in front of the Munich penalty area. Pierlinger caught it and made a killer pass, and Sessa shook the net.

A minute later, Jan Niklas Veste of the home team crossed from the left side to complete the equalizer with a right-footed volley shot by Klyndeenst. Kim Min-jae completely missed Klyndeenst penetrating behind him. He couldn’t control Klyndeenst moving toward the falling point at all.

In the 36th minute of the second half, a complete error occurred. When Peeringer broke through the right side, he tried to cover up even though two fellow defenders were attached, but failed to properly prevent Kleindist from penetrating. In the end, he gave Kleindist another chance to open, providing an excuse for the loss.

Munich, which had a two-goal lead due to Kim Min-jae’s error-prone play in succession, was quickly beaten by three goals and lost.

Local media evaluations also revealed that Kim Min-jae’s performance was poor. Kim Min-jae received the lowest rating of six points from all media, including Bild and Kicker.

First of all, Germany’s Bild gave Kim six points, the worst rating ever. Of the 22 players from the two teams that played on the field on the day, only Kim Min-jae was given six points. Considering that Germany ranks Kim from one to six points and that the lower the number, the Bild judges Kim as the main culprit behind the upset loss in Munich.

The lowest rating relay continued.

German media TZ also rated Kim Min-jae as 6, saying, “I’m not loved in 2024, but I had a good chance given by Thomas Tuchel ahead of the Arsenal match.”

“Heidenheim was able to secure safety during the build-up process because it was harmless for a long time, but sometimes the ball bounced off and Kim Min-jae’s expression was not good when he gave up two goals,” he said. “What I remember is that I lost the aerial ball contest and gave way too much space to Kleindinst and Feieringer.”

The German kicker started to doubt Kim’s qualifications at all. “The central defense was poor. I now question whether Kim lacks confidence or the required class. Upamecano and Kim have long been Tuchel’s preferred center-back duo, but they have shown once again why they are no longer playing that role in this match,” he said.

“It is not new for Upamecano to make mistakes. Upamecano made a mistake even when he allowed the first run in the match against Heidenheim. Kim Min-jae made a mistake in the 2-2 situation, and missed Clyndinst, providing an excuse for the loss,” he said, pointing to the two players.

She also gave Kim six points. Alfonso Davis and Jojua Kimmich scored 4.5 points, while center-back partner Dayo Upamecano scored 5.5 points.

Tuchel was devastated, too. “We were extremely careless in our duel to win the second half, and we were too weak in our physical fight,” he told a news conference after the match. Notably, he strongly criticized Kim Min-jae for allowing the second run, saying, “This situation should not happen at this level.”

Kicker has now announced Munich’s Esang lineup for the upcoming Arsenal expedition, predicting a combination of Dier and Diricht center-back. Kim Min-jae is being pushed back to the bench.

However, Bayern Strike had a slightly different idea. Rather, he expected that Kim Min-jae would be better suited to Arsenal’s relationship.

“Kim Min-jae is Tuchel’s first option this season. The Licht can start, but there are not many better options than Kim Min-jae to respond to Arsenal’s attack,” the media said.

Media predicted that Kim Min-jae’s partner Upamecano would also be a starter. Media predicted that since his two exits in February, he played his first match against Heidenheim. “For Tuchel, his return to the match against Arsenal will be huge.” 토토사이트

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