The unstable midfield combination of Hwang In-beom and Baek Seung-ho

I’m lacking in defense in the game against Thailand
The possibility of Park Jin-seop and others playing for stability

Attention is focusing on whether the Korean national soccer team will show a stable midfield in its second game against Thailand.

The South Korean national team, led by interim coach Hwang Sun-hong, will play an away match against Thailand in the fourth Group C match of the FIFA North and Central America World Cup in Asia at 9:30 p.m. on the 26th at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

In the third match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 21st, Hwang had only a 1-1 draw. Hwang expressed his determination to win three points against Thailand in the away match.

What matters as much as victory is the formation of a stable team. Korean soccer has been on shaky ground since its elimination from the semifinals of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation AFC that ended in Qatar last month.

Hwang has been temporarily leading the team since former German coach Jurgen Klinsmann left the national team. Rather than giving a clear style as it is temporary, it puts more weight on finding a combination where the main players can show perfect teamwork.

As he struggled against Thailand, a relatively weak player, he was disappointed in all positions, especially in the midfield combination.

In the days of the Klinsman team, the combination of Hwang In-beom Zvezda and Park Yong-woo Al Ain was the starting lineup.

Hwang In-beom, who is active and has excellent forward ability, and Park Yong-woo, who is tall but has excellent foot skills and defense, chose the perfect option in theory.

However, under coach Klinsmann, stability was reduced as there were many movements toward the front and the side directly rather than a structured play through the midfield. Moreover, Park Yong-woo was excluded from the list in March as he only performed less than expected in the Asian Cup.

Baek Seung-ho Birmingham and Jung Ho-yeon Gwangju FC were called to take the place, and Hwang’s first choice was Hwang In-beom and Baek Seung-ho.

Both players had more than a certain amount of skills in all abilities, including offense, defense, and activity that they should have as midfielders, but they were disappointed in terms of breathing.

Hwang In-beom and Baek Seung-ho are more brilliant types when paired with professional defensive midfielders who can support them when they advance, but both players struggled somewhat under pressure because they did not have very good defense.

Therefore, in the second match against Thailand, finding a match after a professional defensive midfielder is deployed first is expected to be a key factor in managing the game more stably.

Park Jin-seop Jeonbuk Hyundai is a midfielder with excellent defensive skills on the list. He plays as a central defense for his team, but he has shown stable performance as a defensive midfielder in the Asian Cup and other events.

Jung Ho-yeon could also be an option. Although Chung has been named as a national team player for the first time through the recruitment, his performance in the pro soccer K-League 1 Gwangju will likely contribute to Korea’s midfield. 토토사이트

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