What is Yago… Gangwon-Ulsan Field Neurological Warfare “Until FIFA Sues”

There’s an interesting off-field battle brewing in professional soccer’s K League. The transfer controversy surrounding foreign striker Yago Cariello (Brazil) is heating up in a rare K League player transfer controversy, with champions Ulsan FC and Gangwon FC even talking about filing a FIFA complaint.

Here’s the story Gangwon FC signed Yago on a loan deal this season, not an official transfer. He scored eight goals in the first half of the season, ranking fourth in the league in scoring, and has been a key part of Gangwon FC’s meteoric rise alongside Yang Min-hyuk, who has recently been linked with a move to the Premier League.

Gangwon FC were so pleased with Yago’s performance that they wanted to sign him outright this summer. Here’s where the variables came in. K League leaders Ulsan, who had noticed Yago’s skills, 사설 토토사이트 entered the transfer market.

Normally, the signing of a foreign player in the K League involves an agent who mediates the contract between the club and the player. Here’s where the problem arose. Instead of Agent A, who handled Yagoyo’s loan move, another agent, Agent B, negotiated a separate transfer with Yagoyo’s original club. Eventually, Yagoyo’s original team, Portimonense, sided with Agent B and decided to move to Ulsan.

Gangwon FC reacted strongly to the news. Kim Byung-ji, the CEO of Gangwon FC, said in a YouTube live broadcast on the 27th, “I was not happy that a Korean K League club bypassed the agent and negotiated directly with the club after learning about the end of the lease contract. I was really disappointed because it was not a respectful behavior for the market. I hope they don’t do that,” he said.

The point of outrage for Gangwon FC was a kind of ‘commercial morality’. Yago’s agent, whom Ulsan contacted, was also authorized by Portimonense, so there was no problem with the rules, but the club argued that it was inappropriate for a leading K League club to take a player that a less financially stable city club had worked hard to sign.

Gangwon FC raised the level of criticism by comparing Ulsan’s player acquisition method to the controversial transfer of Jun Amano (Japan). Ulsan strongly criticized the club’s signing of Amano, who signed with rival Jeonbuk Hyundai last year, saying that it was a breach of trust.

As the controversy heated up, Ulsan actively sought to clarify and refute the allegations. “In professional soccer, player recruitment is also subject to competition. There have been countless competitions over player transfers, and I don’t understand why Yago’s transfer is a problem.” “It’s also different from the case of Jun Amano that Kang Won is pointing out. At the time, the player himself had promised to stay, even mentioning the amount of his contract, and he criticized Jeonbuk for their moral betrayal of the player, but did not criticize the club that signed him.”

In the end, Yago ended up in Ulsan’s colors in the summer transfer window. But the controversy will likely continue for some time. Agent A, who pushed for Yago’s loan, has vowed to file a FIFA complaint against the club and the player, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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