Wi Sang-woo, who played as a player “Coach is a hole” Players applaud loudly

‘Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star Game’ laughter and fun Kim Do-wan and Lim Geun-bae’s head coach matchup also attracts attention Pink Star defeats Blue Star 90-88 Park Ji-soo becomes MVP for the second time in his career.

Woori Bank ‘s coach Wi Sang-woo (center), who gave his best effort to ‘pass the coach’, appeared as a member of the ‘Blue Star’ team in the women’s professional basketball all-star game on the 7th. When ‘Pink Star’ team captain and Woori Bank guard Ji-Hyun Park (right) rushes in and tries to steal the ball, Coach Wi, who is embarrassed, passes the ball as if he were carelessly throwing it away.

“I’m going to provoke the director!”

Park Ji-hyun (Woori Bank), who was named the player with the most votes in this season’s Women’s Professional Basketball All-Star fan vote, said this ahead of the All-Star Game held at the Yi Sun-sin Gymnasium in Asan, South Chungcheong Province on the 7th, saying, “Coach Wi Seong-woo (Woori Bank) told me, ‘Don’t make a show. ‘Didn’t you say that before? But today I will show you how to put on a show.” During the second round of the championship match between Woori Bank and BNK in March last year, Coach Wi ordered Park Ji-hyun to play calmly, saying, “Don’t put on a show,” and this scene became a hot topic after being caught on TV.

When the All-Star Game began, it did not take long for Ji-Hyun Park to fulfill her ‘promise to provoke’. On this day, the All-Star Game was held as a match between ‘Pink Star’, led by Park Ji-hyun, and ‘Blue Star’, captained by Shin Ji-hyun (Hana One Q), who placed second in the All-Star fan vote. From the first quarter, when Pink Star was ahead 17-12, Coach Wi was brought in as a replacement member for Blue Star, and a one-on-one matchup with Park Ji-hyun was achieved. Ji-Hyun Park defended Coach Wi closely, stole the ball, and even succeeded in a layup shot, then held a joyous celebration. Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank), who was on the bench, shared her joy with Park Ji-hyun, teasing her by saying, “Director Wi is a hole in Blue Star.”

The matchup between the command towers also attracted attention. During the third quarter, Hana One Q coach Kim Do-wan and Samsung Life Insurance coach Lim Geun-bae entered the court together as replacement members for Blue Star and Pink Star, respectively. Coach Lim, who made the crowd laugh in his tight-fitting uniform, lifted the mood by dodging Coach Kim’s defense and scoring a three-point shot. The game ended with Pink Star winning 90-88.

In the finals of the All-Star 3-point shooting contest that day, Japan W-League’s Haruna Kasagi (Mitsubishi Electric) took first place with 22 points. This is the first time that a Japanese league player has participated in the Korean women’s professional basketball all-star event. The Korea Women’s Basketball League (WKBL) invited 14 Japanese league players to this All-Star event. Kang I-seul (KB Stars), the ‘defending champion’ of the 3-point shooting contest, scored only 14 points and failed to take first place for four consecutive years.

On this day, 2,309 spectators attended the All-Star Game stadium, making it a sold-out event for the second consecutive season. The All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP) went to Pink Star’s Park Ji-su (KB Stars). Park Ji-soo, who recorded 17 points and 6 rebounds, received 45 out of 78 votes from the reporters, beating Park Ji-hyun, who received 33 votes. This is the second time that Jisoo Park has been selected as MVP of the All-Star Game, following the 2019-2020 season. 토토사이트

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