‘Young and hungry’ Roadworks Burkina Faso scores 29 points in thrilling home win…and gets a taste of Pepper

Energized by youthful enthusiasm.

Korea Expressway Corporation’s new foreign player, Vukiric, is getting better every day. From his batting average to his speed on the ball. Thanks to 바카라사이트 Vukiric’s performance, the team won its first home game this season.

The team won 3-1 (25-23 25-22 18-25 26-24) against Pepper Savings Bank at Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on Nov. 15. They avenged their loss to Pepper Savings Bank in the first round. Escaping from a two-game losing streak, Roadworks (2W-6L-9P) moved up to fifth place, pushing IBK (3W-5L-8P) to sixth. Vukirich led the way with 29 points on the night.

Born in 1999, Vukiric is a 6-foot-8 forward. She majored in urban engineering at The Ohio State University in the United States. She was selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2023-24 Korean Volleyball Organization (KOVO) Foreign Player Draft in May. This is her first time playing for a professional team.

She can play outside hitter as well as outside hitter. He is also very active and quick to adapt. She has been criticized for taking on more responsibility than most foreign players. Roadworks head coach Kim Jong-min is pleased with the player’s improvement.

“When we drafted him, we took a long look at him. I chose him because I thought he had a high potential to grow until the next season, not just the next season.”

“I like Vukiric’s attitude in training the most. He knows what he’s lacking and talks about it. He is proactive. I can see him improving every day, and I’ve never seen a player grow so fast. I thought he was going to be weak, but he has good power. As long as she adds speed, I don’t think she will have any problems in the offense.”

Meanwhile, Pepper Savings Bank (2W-6L-5D) remained at the bottom of the table. Pepper Savings Bank’s foreign players Yasmin (29 points), Park Jung-ah (17 points), and Lee Han-bi (12 points) struggled but were unable to prevent the loss.

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