32-year-old Son Heung-min maintains 72 billion won

The ransom of Japanese national soccer team ace Mitoma Kaoru 27, Brighton has fallen sharply.

Transfer Markt, a website specializing in transfer fees, updated the market value of English Premier League players this month. It reflected the players’ performance for about three months since the last update in December last year.

Mitoma fell 5 million euros about 7 billion won, about 10% to 45 million euros about 65 billion won from 50 million euros about 72 billion won.

Mitoma, who was pointed out as Son Heung-min 32’s rival in last season’s booming economy, has not been able to perform well due to ankle and back injuries before and after the Asian Cup in Qatar. The last EPL goal was recorded in September last year against Bournemouth. Currently, the league has scored just three goals. It is not a strange trend even if the team’s value declines.

On the other hand, veteran player Son Heung-min, who is five years older than Mitoma, maintained his market value of 50 million euros for nearly nine months since June last year due to his outstanding skills by scoring 14 goals and eight assists in this season’s league. He has scored 20 offensive points for eight consecutive seasons. He is truly the 17th player in EPL history to post 60-60 117 goals and 60 assists.

Despite the decline in his value, Mitoma has maintained the second place in Japanese players’ ransom payment. First place is Takefusa Kubo Real Sociedad, whose best friend is Lee Kang-in, with 60 million euros. Third place is Arsenal defender Takehiro Tomiyasu 30 million euros, while Liverpool midfielder Endo Wataru, who has recently been considered a “world-class midfielder,” has maintained 13 million euros.

Among Korean big leaguers, “Korean Guy” Hwang Hee-chan Wolverhampton has seen his ransom jump. He jumped 3 million euros about 4.3 billion won from 22 million euros about 32 billion won to 2,500 euros about 36 billion won. It is interpreted that Hwang Hee-chan scored 10 goals and three assists in 22 league games before suffering a recent hamstring injury. This is the first time this season that Hwang Hee-chan has scored double-digit goals in a European big league.

Among Korean players, the highest paid player is “Monster” Kim Min-jae Bayern Munich, who maintained his 60 million euros worth. He is tied with Kubo. He lost his starting position to Erik Dier and Matthijs de Ligt in his team recently, but this has not been reflected in the market value of “Transfermarkt” yet. Son Heung-min ranked second and Hwang Hee-chan ranked third. Lee Kang-in Paris Saint-Germain also maintained his 22 million euros level unchanged.

Hwang Ui-jo Alania Spor, who left Nottingham Forest for Turkiye in January and is currently recovering from his injury, fell outside the top 10 of the Korean player’s ransom list to 2.4 million euros, down 600,000 euros from the previous 3 million euros.

Comparing Korea and Japan’s top 10 “Transfermarkt” market value, Korean players’ total value amounts to 183.5 million euros, lagging behind Japan’s 248 million euros in total. Japan has nine players who only cost over 15 million euros. 실시간 바카라사이트

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