B. Munich, Welcomes Kim Min-jae’s Return

Bayern Munich, a prestigious German Bundesliga player, welcomed the return of Iron Column Kim Min-jae, who returned after playing in the Asian Cup. Kim Min-jae is expected to start a very important showdown with Bundesliga leader Leverkusen this weekend.

Bayern Munich uploaded a video of Kim Min-jae on its social networking service SNS on Sunday. Kim Min-jae was seen enjoying recovery while riding a cycle with a bright expression.

The Munich club said, We welcome Kim Min-jae’s return, adding, Central defender Kim Min-jae has returned to Munich from Qatar.

Kim Min-jae, a key defender of the Klinsman team, played as the main center back from the group stage to the quarterfinals, but failed to play in the semifinals against Jordan due to accumulated warnings.

The defense without Kim Min-jae collapsed due to Jordan’s quick counterattack, and South Korea was completely defeated 0-2 without recording even one effective shot.

For Bayern Munich, Kim Min-jae’s return is more welcome than ever.

Munich’s rear situation is so bad that it urgently brought center back Eric Dier from Tottenham Hotspur England in the winter transfer market due to Kim Min-jae’s transfer to the Asian Cup.

Munich, which had 4 wins and 1 loss in 5 games while Kim Min-jae was absent, is expected to be able to add stability to its defense with the return of its main center back Kim Min-jae.

For Munich, which is currently in second place in the Bundesliga, a showdown in the 21st round of the league with Leverkusen, the leader, on the 11th, is too important.

Leverkusen is in first place with 16 wins and 4 draws 52 points, and Munich is closely trailing with 50 points 16 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, so if Munich wins on the day, it can take the lead.

I’m back, Kim Min-jae said in a club video, smiling, I’ll see you on Saturday. 사설 토토사이트

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