British’s national war of words in the Euros

During the Euro competition, the English national team’s seniors and juniors ended up fighting a war of words. Harry Kane 31 of Bayern Munich responded to legendary striker Gary Lineker 64.

“Kane may not be happy, but experts like Lineker are not England’s cheerleaders,” sports media outlet “The Athletic” said on the 25th. “Lineker has scored many goals for England as a player. He has never won a tournament, but there are a few people who deserve to suggest the direction of Kane or England’s development.”

This is due to the war of words between Kane and Lineker. According to media, Lineker left a strong criticism after the Euro 2024 group match between Denmark and England. “England’s performance was X s***,” Lineker said in a podcast. “Honestly, Kane has to do much better. He showed too little movement. He was lethargic. Plodding is not helpful to the team at all.”

“Experts promoted their channel through podcasts and other things. Players try to ignore this,” Kane said at a press conference in the final group match against Slovenia. “Former players have to realize that. It is hard to ignore it. Especially for some players.”

“I know they have to give their opinions. I just want them to take responsibility as a former England player that many players respected,” he said. “England has not produced good results in international competitions for many years.”

Lineker reacted again to Kane’s refutation. “Good. Kane is really right,” Lineker said. “But let me just say one thing. The last thing I like about the world is to be discouraged and criticized. All the former England players want their team to perform well. This is a good moment for England to have its best game.”

He thought the criticism against his performance in the match against Denmark was right. “Kane has the right to answer on the field as a player. There was no problem with the evaluation of the match against Denmark,” Lineker said. “I will not suffer any damage. England really played poorly. Don’t you know the team? There were few positive aspects.”

England ranks first in Group C with one win, one draw and four points, beating Denmark two draws and two points, which is ranking second in Group C. Major media outlets such as the BBC and the Guardian are criticizing Gareth Southgate’s performance as coach for the English national team. He is also struggling despite his stellar qualifications, including Jude Bellingham Real Madrid, Phil Foden, Kyle Walker Manchester City, Declan Rice Arthur and Cole Palmer Chelsea.

Kane seems to be clearly angry at the media criticism. However, England national team legend Lineker completely refuted Kane’s comment. Lineker is ranking joint 10th in scoring 10 goals in the history of the FIFA World Cup. He is ranking fourth in scoring with 48 goals in 80 A matches in England’s history. 슬롯사이트

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