Egyptian Soccer Legend Ahmed Hasan

Mohamed Salah’s departure from the team due to an injury during the African Nations Cup has become a hot topic.

Egyptian soccer legend Ahmed Hasan, who has the most A-match experience with the Egyptian national team, was angry over Salah’s decision to return to Liverpool following his injury.

“Salah was already planning to leave Egypt’s camp,” Hassan said. “Even if there was only one Seolyeong bridge, he should have stayed in the team.”

Salah, who was elected to the 2023 African Football Federation (CAF) Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast, Africa, was replaced after complaining of hamstring pain in the second Group B match between Egypt and Ghana on the 19th.

As a result of the examination, Salah’s injury was not a hamstring, but his back. At the same time, he was found to need three weeks to return.

As it became difficult to play in the Nations Cup for the rest of the year, Salah left the Egyptian national team for treatment and headed for his team Liverpool. The Egyptian Football Association said on the 22nd, “Salah is going to Liverpool, England. It is to treat injuries. Egyptian national soccer team medical staff and Liverpool medical staff discussed Salah’s injury with each other. As a result, we decided that it was better to receive treatment in Liverpool.” Liverpool said, “Salah has started treating muscle injuries. We will engage in intensive rehabilitation programs with Liverpool medical staff.”

However, this decision became controversial in Egypt. In general, if an athlete gets injured during an international competition, he or she gets treatment there or goes back to his or her home country.

The problem is that Salah’s hope of playing in the Nations Cup has not completely disappeared. The Nations Cup ends on the 12th of next month, and if recovery progresses as scheduled, Salah will be able to play. Egypt is set to play against the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the round of 16. Salah’s agent said, “The best-case scenario is to get well treated in England and return to Africa and rejoin the Egyptian national team,” but Egyptian soccer fans are not happy about Salah’s departure from the national team.

In response to such controversy, coach Jurgen Klopp said, “It’s not my opinion,” adding, “Liverpool and Egypt have the same interests. I hope Salah recovers as soon as possible.”

“If Salah stays there and Egyptian medical staff cannot provide proper treatment, it will only delay everything. Especially if Egypt passes the tournament,” he said.

He continued, “We brought Salah here not to take him out of the Egyptian national team, but to provide him with the best treatment. That’s all we wanted and we all agreed. If Egypt advances to the final, Salah will go back. Salah wants it and so do we. We didn’t have a plan with Salah. We are completely honest.”

“Too much happens around me. Sometimes I disagree, but it becomes a plan. Some people make something out of it. If someone questions Salah’s loyalty, they should ask themselves if their loyalty is right. Salah added, “It’s because I’ve been the most loyal Egyptian I’ve ever met.” 토토사이트

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