Ellis Island Casino and Konami Gaming Launch Cashless Casino Markers

Konami Gaming, Inc. has announced that its award-winning SYNKROS casino management system has enabled the launch of Marker Trax cashless casino slot markers at Ellis Island Casino & Brewery as the first field trial of the gaming industry’s cashless slot credit line in Nevada. Guests at Ellis Island can begin applying, approving, and using slot credits by any electronic means within five minutes. Guests registered with a PIN-protected SYNKROS cashless betting account can use the Marker Trax slot credit line, which allows them to play electronically on any slot machine in their accommodation, instead of receiving actual cash for casino markers. The integration of Marker Trax and SYNRKOS enables Ellis Island casinos to seamlessly issue, record, manage, and track these cashless credit lines for optimal collections and anti-Money Rounding (AML) compliance.

“Marker Tracks’ convenience and security allows players to access approved credit lines within minutes, while removing touch points with real cash and multiple employees,” said Gary Ellis, owner of Ellis Island Casino, Hotel & Brewery. “It’s incredibly simple for customers and truly streamlined within SYNKROS for employees and supervisors.”

“Using the Marker Trax system on Ellis Island is a very easy way to play, and you don’t have to withdraw from an ATM machine at all,” said Dante Garner, an Ellis Island Passport Players Club member. “It’s a unique and convenient way to play, and I believe it’s the future.”

Garner was one of several participants who participated in Nevada’s first field trial. Another wrote, “Marker Trax is changing the face of the game. It’s a safe and easy alternative for slot players to enjoy rather than having to use an ATM. It’s the kind of innovation that was needed for years in the game.”

“SYNKROS has long supported cashless betting and now we’re excited to partner with Ellis Island Casino to further advance this technology through increased access to Marker Tracks’ convenient slot credit,” said Tom Jingoli, vice president and chief operating officer of Konami Gaming Inc. “This technology allows players to apply for a credit line, get approval, and download approved credits for their games without leaving their positions.”

“Players’ reactions and business results to Nevada’s first ever Marker Tracks Field Trail are incredibly encouraging,” said Charlie Skinner, chief operating officer of Marker Tracks. “Our goal is to eliminate risk from slot markers, and ultimately advance play activity for the benefit of players and assets. Adding e-cash-free components makes it much safer and more convenient for everyone involved.”

“The ability to walk into a casino after work without having to stop at ATM or go home and pick up cash has become a game changer for me to enjoy my time,” explained Gev Danielian, Ellis Island’s sponsor 파워볼사이트 추천

SYNKROS’ robust data analysis combined with MarkerTax technology allows administrators to track all activities related to credit extensions. This creates an audit trail to ensure casino credit is maintained within the casino environment. Players can access it electronically from any machine within the property and receive automatic notifications about available credit. When players wish to withdraw from their cashless account, they must pay the MarkerTax outstanding balance before receiving the payment.

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