Expectations for The CJ Cup Byron Nelson, which will be newly born in a month

The opening of “The CJ Cup Byron Nelson” total prize money of 9.5 million dollars, 12.84 billion won on the PGA Tour hosted by Korean company CJ is just a month away.

The CJ Cup Byron Nelson, a PGA Tour regular tournament to be held at TPC Craig Ranch in Dallas, Texas, from May 2 Korea time, is a full-field tournament with 156 players, with 500 FedEx Cup points, two-year tour seeds, and the remaining signature tournaments this season.

The CJ Cup was reborn as a historic event on the PGA Tour, as CJ Group signed a contract in September last year to serve as the title sponsor of the Byron Nelson tournament for 10 years from 2024. It is expected that the legacy of the CJ Cup, which has been built up since 2017, will be fused with the tradition of Byron Nelson, the first competition on the PGA Tour, and it will showcase various things to see and enjoy as the best golf festival for both players and fans.

The legacy of The CJ Cup incorporated into The CJ Cup byron Nelson

The CJ Cup, which began in 2017 and has been held at Club Nine Bridge for three years, has been held in Nevada and South Carolina since the COVID-19 pandemic. As it started anew this year in partnership with Byron Nelson, CJ Group plans to continue its tradition by inheriting the legacy of The CJ Cup to the extent possible.

The CJ Cup Byron Nelson is a representative competition in Dallas that began in 1944 and has been held since 1968 under the name of PGA Tour legend Byron Nelson. It is hosted by the Dallas Salesmanship Club of Dallas, a non-profit organization in Dallas, and it is a well-known competition in Korea with Korean players including Lee Kyung-hoon, Kang Sung-hoon and Bae Sang-moon winning four times

In particular, CJ’s Lee Kyung-hoon made a deep connection with the tournament by winning it for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, and last year, Australia’s Jason Day came back to the top of the PGA Tour for the first time in five years. The tournament is considered one of the big sports festivals in the Dallas area and is famous for attracting 200,000 spectators every year. This is why attention is being paid to the appearance that The CJ Cup, which started as the only regular PGA Tour tournament in Korea, will create with Byron Nelson, who boasts history and tradition.

The CJ Cup trophy, which was created with the motif of Jikji Shimcheyojeol, the world’s oldest metal type printing, and Hangeul, is also used in the CJ Cup byron Nelson. Unlike the previous championship, in which all participants were imprinted with Korean names, the names of previous winners are engraved to add meaning to the current championship. In fact, the names of PGA Tour legends, including defending champion Jason Day, Korean players who lifted the trophy including Lee Kyung-hoon, Kang Sung-hoon and Bae Seong-moon, and Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, Tom Watson, Fred Couples and Ernie Els, will be engraved on the trophy.

Bridge Kids, which has been running since 2017, will continue. Bridge Kids is a CSR program unique to the CJ Cup, where PGA Tour players meet promising golf players, talk to them, give them one-point lessons, and give them unforgettable experiences. In May this year, Ahn Byung-hoon and PGA Tour star will meet with 10 promising golf players from Dallas and Korea to cheer them on for their dreams. Furthermore, CJ Group offers young players a chance to watch every round of the CJ Cup byron Nelson so that they can have bigger dreams.

Let the world know about Bibigo once again

The CJ Cup Byron Nelson is expected to be a stage for PGA Tour players and golf fans around the world to experience Korean food, and furthermore, Bibigo will become a “K-food pronoun” for people around the world, just like the last tournament, which has been known as a “PGA Tour restaurant.”

Players who have already played at the CJ Cup have shown keen interest in Korean food served at the stadium and felt the charm of K-food. At this year’s event, CJ Group plans to promote the charm of K-food by providing dishes using Bibigo brand products at “Players’ Dining,” which provides meals for participants. In particular, the company will introduce new menus to commemorate the newly created “The CJ Cup byron Nelson.” Korean fans also joined the selection of the menu, adding to its significance.

CJ Group will also operate a “Bibigo Convention” where fans from all over the world can show and taste Korean food, and provide an opportunity to effectively introduce the taste of various Korean foods, including dumplings, which are Bibigo’s main products. Through various on-site events to experience Bibigo, the company plans to further accelerate the globalization of K-food by delivering the value of “Live Delicious,” which means “a daily life that tastes better in Korean food.”

“The CJ Cup, which was quickly established in the PGA Tour, will show off its new look through partnerships with the Byron Nelson event, which has history and tradition. We will do our best to create the best competition in which the unique heritage of the CJ Cup and the history and tradition of Byron Nelson are harmonized,” a CJ Group official said. “We will develop this competition into a sports platform so that it can be a bridgehead for many golf fans around the world to see the excellence of K-food and K-culture.” 사설 토토사이트

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