Firework man who led the last fall baseball seven years ago returned after 937 days

“I’m not as nervous as I thought “Now it has to boil. I was moved to say thank you for waiting for me, for coming back.”

In 2017, Park Jin-hyung, who led the Lotte Giants’ last fall baseball team, returned.

In terms of his 12th year since his debut this year and his career in Lotte, he became the longest player after Kim Won-joong among pitchers.

Koo Seung-min, the leading player in the Lotte bullpen, joined the 2013 draft. However, Koo has no experience in fall baseball. He was discharged late in late September after serving in the military athletic unit in 2017.

Park Jin-hyung, on the other hand, is the man who burned out Lotte’s 2017. He was a starter until the first half of the season, but moved to the bullpen in the second half and transformed into a special setup man. In August, he played 17 games and 18 innings, recording one win, one loss, seven saves and two holds with an ERA of 4.50. In September, he added one win and three holds in 10 games, and pitched an iron wall with an ERA of 0. In the game against Hanwha on Sept. 26, he struck out five consecutive batters.

Lee Hae-hwa also shone in the fall baseball league. He took the mound in four semi-playoff games, gave zero earned run average ERA and struck out five. However, Lotte was eliminated by the NC Dinos with two wins and three losses.

And Lotte has never been on the fall baseball stage since then. This is why Lotte fans still cannot forget Park Jin-hyung’s fireworks.

Park Jin-hyung took the mound in the sixth inning against the Doosan Bears on the 5th. It was his first return to the first division in 937 days since the game against Kiwoom on Sept. 11, 2021. Park allowed a double, but he struck out Jang Seung-hyun and Kim In-tae one after another, sending Lotte fans wild. It was a spectacular return to Sajik Stadium in front of more than 10,000 spectators.

He completed treatment for ankle injuries that plagued him throughout his career and served in the military as a social service worker. As I served at Sajik Station in the subway near the baseball stadium, I couldn’t resist the heartburn when I saw Lotte fans in uniform.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who has advanced to the Korean Series for seven consecutive years and has won three championships, is at the helm. This is why Park Jin-hyung is renewing his mind.

Park Jin-hyung was one of the must-win groups picked by manager Kim Tae-hyung up until the spring camp. However, as he threw all his might for the first time in a long time, he got fatigued in his arm. Instead of being included in the opening entry, he took a rest and belatedly joined the main team.

“I was overambitious about hitting a double. I desperately wanted to show something, and I think I made a mistake,” Park said in regret. “I am so grateful. I wanted to feel that way,” Park said to fans’ chants.

Due to the chilly weather in Busan, the speed was not as high as I expected. It was below 145 kilometers. However, Park Jin-hyung stressed, “I will climb on my own when the weather gets warmer. I will not mind and will block it no matter what.” He stressed the urgency as well as the sense of responsibility.

Looking back on 2017, he said, “I wasn’t the only one who did well. I was good at pitching and doing well together,” but added, “I will work together to create such a picture again this year.” “I feel like I cleaned up what I failed in the first half of the year in the second half. Some games were smashed and others were good,” he explained.

There is a reason why Park Jin-hyung remains strong in Lotte fans’ minds compared to his career. He is a pitcher who shows “a beautiful month” once every year. Since 2017, he has been notable for his performances in July 2019 8.13 ERA in eight ⅔ in eight games and May 2020 9.86 ERA in 12 games as well. “I am well aware of that,” Park said with an awkward smile.

“I’ve really prepared a lot not to do that this year. There’s a one-year cycle, but I lose too much when I’m shaking. I’ll try to be in good shape this year. I don’t even think about starting. I want to throw consistently in my place.”

After the return match on the previous day, a flurry of congratulatory messages poured in. Fans also said they waited and congratulated them. “I had no special impression on myself because I threw the exhibition game, but I was moved to see that it was my first return match in 937 days, and they congratulated me,” Park Jin-hyung said with a smile.

“Always going out at the big moment, there was that feeling of adrenaline exploding. I want to find that simmering feeling again.” 토토사이트

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