Germany’s West Lotto Teams With OpenBet

OpenBet, a leading provider of content, platforms and services in the gambling industry, announced a partnership with German lottery operator Westlotto to supply Necton’s gambling compliance products.

West Lotto, a member of the World Lottery, first launched in 1955 and is proud of sustainability through commercial success and a commitment to responsible gaming, and Necton is the right partner.

By integrating OpenBet-owned Neccton’s liability games, anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection services, WestLotto will exceed regulatory obligations and strengthen liability gaming procedures, providing a safer betting experience for players.

Having long established a reputation as a top provider among lotteries around the world, the latest deal is the 18th lottery operator to partner with OpenBet. The new deal highlights Neccton’s position as a trusted partner in lotteries around the world, following the announcement that OpenBet was accepted as a Gold Contributor with the WLA last year.

Michael Auer, director of Neccton at OpenBet, said, “The new partnership with West Lotto is very exciting and we are excited to foster an important relationship with Germany’s largest lottery provider.”

“This is a significant move for us as we have made Necton the largest responsible gaming provider in this marketplace. We look forward to continuing our growth and maintaining a successful partnership with Westlotto.”

Axel Weber, WestLotto’s head of public relations, communications, and responsibility gaming, said: “As part of responsible gaming, player protection is a top priority for WestLotto. This applies to both terrestrial and online gaming. Neccton’s OpenBet provides tools to meet player protection requirements and helps provide a much safer gaming experience for players online.”

“As part of our responsible game, player protection is Westlotto’s top priority. We look forward to working with OpenBet and Necton to ensure that players have a safe gambling environment and continue to enjoy our game.” 파워볼사이트 추천

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