Hacksaw Gaming Reveals New Slot Game: Jelly Slice

Hacksaw Gaming, a leading provider of slot games for online casinos, has added a new gem, Jelly Slice, to its portfolio. This latest release is a vibrant, fun-filled game that promises to charm players with its engaging design and innovative gameplay.

The game was first announced in early May, when Hacksaw Gaming expanded its global presence with a new partnership in Croatia. Jelly Slice takes the player on an exciting journey through a quirky world filled with adorable jelly characters. The game features advanced mechanisms, including a unique slice mechanical, tumbling reel, and thrilling laser sharp bonus round, all designed to provide an engaging and rewarding experience.

The Slice Mechanic is a standout feature that allows players to slice symbols into several pieces, increasing their chances of winning with each slice. In addition, the game includes a laser sharp bonus round that is triggered by landing a spawning symbol. This bonus round enhances the overall interest of the game by giving players the chance to earn free spin and other rewards.

For added glamour, Jelly Slices offer a variety of feature buying options, such as Bonus Hunt featurespin, Slicer featurespin, and Razer Sharp bonus, each offering unique benefits and an interesting gameplay experience. The visuals of the game are just as captivating. On the right side of the screen, a flowing pink-haired, animated female character with a clipboard watches the movement, while the adorable jelly character fills the deep pink and teal gaming world. The aesthetic glamour is designed to keep players engaged and entertained.

More information about the game

When it comes to betting, players can choose stakes ranging from 10 cents to €100 per spin. The game offers a winning method between 1,024 and 1,048,576 in a five-reel four-row configuration. As you cut the sign, the number of winning ways increases, and the game boasts a medium volatility of 96.24 per cent underlying RTP.

Jelly Slice uses a tumble mechanic that removes the winning symbol after the reel pays for it, allowing the new symbol to be put in the empty space. The process continues as long as a new winning combination appears. Victory is calculated on the leftmost reel, and a matching symbol must land on the adjacent reel. The lower-paying symbol is a jelly-like expression from 10 to A, while the higher-paying symbol is a jelly creature of five different colors. Five kinds of wins with royal symbols pay 1 times the bet, while similar wins with higher-paying symbols pay between 2 and 10 times the bet. In addition, rainbow-specific wilds can replace the regular wage symbol, and the five wild symbol hits pay 20 times the stake.

The jelly slice features a slice mechanical that cuts the symbol into pieces with a tumbler, a laser sharp bonus round, and a feature purchase to enhance gameplay. Players can activate up to one slicer per reel before dropping it. Each slicer cuts the passing symbol into 2, 3, or 4 pieces, depending on the slicer’s value. Each slice portion is considered a separate symbol for a potential victory. Slicers slice every symbol that falls through the tumble to stay active.

Landing 5 to 20 free-spin scattering symbols in the base game activates a laser sharp bonus round. Each free-spin symbol awards one free-spin for a bonus round that increases the likelihood of activating the slicer. Each symbol determines the number of free spins awarded by adding +1 to +4 additional free spins. 슬롯사이트

Overall, Jelly Slices is a slot game that combines innovative mechanisms, attractive visuals, and thrilling features to provide a fun and immersive gaming experience for players.

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