Hit to Arsenal and Chelsea

Napoli’s choice of Victor Osimhen, 24, was to renew his contract.

Osimhen has signed a new contract to stay in Naples until 2026. The previous contract was until 2025.

Napoli did not disclose the terms of Osimhen’s renewal of his contract. However, according to local Italian media, the contract was extended by one year, including 130 million euros (about 186.5 billion won) in buyouts.

Osimhen moved his team to 70 million euros when he joined Napoli in the 2020-21 season. This is how high expectations Napoli had for him. He is a versatile player with excellent physical conditions, athletic ability, a calm finish in the box, no-ball movement and defensive activity.

It was the best year since its debut last season. He scored 31 goals and five assists in a total of 39 games, leading Napoli to win the Serie A title in 33 years. He has eight goals and three assists in a total of 18 games this season. He has scored seven goals in Serie A, tying for fifth in goals scored.

As a result, several teams have expressed their willingness to recruit him. Chelsea and Arsenal were the most aggressive. “Chelsea wanted to recruit Osimhen during the January transfer window. There is a greater chance of a summer transfer than in January,” the Daily Mail said.

Chelsea and Arsenal were not the only ones interested. Manchester United and Saudi Arabian clubs also expressed their willingness to recruit them. Osimhen’s presence was huge.

The transfer fee for Osimhen was also high. Chelsea and Arsenal reportedly set the transfer fee for Osimhen at 112 million pounds (about 185.3 billion won). If he entered the Premier League, he could rank second in the highest transfer fee.

However, the renewal of his contract made it even more difficult to recruit Osimhen. Napoli raised his ransom. He aimed to avoid interest from clubs hoping to move. In particular, he set a high buyout price.

Osimhen was expected to renew his contract last summer. However, negotiations were slow. On top of that, Osimhen even heard racist remarks from his club. A photo of Osimhen’s body with a coconut was posted on his SNS account. It was a mockery of Osimhen’s ability.

Rumor has it that Osimhen’s heart is broken by this article. There have even been reports that the possibility of his transfer is growing.

However, he has joined hands with Napoli again. For the time being, he seems to have expressed his willingness to play well in Napoli instead of moving to the club. 스포츠토토

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