IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Laughs at Kim Hee-jin and Kim Chae-won’s Joining

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, the women’s team in the V-League, is continuing its hope to enter the spring volleyball tournament for the first time in three seasons. Thanks to Kim Hee-jin 33 and Kim Chae-won 27, the Korean Industrial Bank of Korea can rank up to the third place in this season.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea is ranking fifth with 14 wins and 15 losses and 43 points as of Tuesday. The third-ranked Chung Kwan-jang 15 wins and 14 losses, 47 points and fourth-ranked GS Caltex 16 wins and 13 losses, 45 points are within the range. If the difference between the third and fourth-ranked teams is less than three points, the V-League will hold the semi-playoff semi-PO between the third and fourth-ranked teams, and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea is determined to take the train to spring volleyball along with the first women’s semi-PO.

The reason that makes IBK look forward to the rest of the season is definitely the joining of middle blocker Kim Hee-jin and Libero Kim Chae-won. Analysts say that both the depth and recent momentum are as good as those of competitors.

Kim Hee-jin, who left due to knee surgery in the second half of last season, was not properly put into the game until the fourth round of this season’s regular league. Thanks to coach Kim Ho-chul’s consideration for both the sense of play and the condition by removing him after the beginning of the game after starting his first season as a middle blocker, his pace is gradually rising.

Considering Kim’s name value, he scored seven points in 15 sets in nine matches, 30.00 percent in attack success rate, and 0.067 blockings per set this season, which is obviously disappointing. However, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, in which Choi Jeong-min 22, Kim Hyun-jung 26, and Lim Hye-rim 20 are filling in the vacancy of middle blocker Kim Soo-ji, who transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance after becoming a free agent, is delighted for Kim’s recovery. Notably, at the match against Pepper Savings Bank 3-0 win on Thursday, he played in all three sets, scoring one blocking point and six effective blocks, reducing burdens on teammates. This is why expectations are high for his stellar performance in the rest of the season.

Kim Chae-won’s defense is also impressive. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea has left Shin Yeon-kyung 30 due to knee injury since the match against Chung Kwan-jang 1-3 on Sunday. Despite her high anxiety, Kim filled Shin’s gap by marking 54.00 percent receiving efficiency and 5.48 digs per set in the past four games. The efforts she has made while consulting business leaders for the past three seasons are being rewarded with her performance this season.

Chaewon Kim is filling in the gap of Yeon-kyung better than expected. The performance is stable enough to give 90 points, Kim said. Now I have to play for both the team and for you. If I change my mind, my performance will improve. 카지노사이트 순위

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