In violation of the 22-23 season rules

Everton, who had been given a point cut, was given another point cut.

The Premier League issued an official statement on the 9th saying, “The Premier League Independent Committee immediately gave Everton a two-point cut for violating Premier League profitability and sustainability rules PSR during the 2022-2023 season.”

“The independent committee decided to cut two points last month after being found guilty of violating PSR twice in a row through a hearing,” Everton explained.

Under the PSR rules, each team is entitled to a three-year loss of 105 million pounds. However, Everton were given the punishment for violating 16.6 million pounds 28.4 billion won beyond this standard.

Everton were cut 10 points in November last year for PSR violations in the 2021-2022 season and were reduced to six points through an appeal in February, but the disciplinary action resulted in an additional two points being cut and a total of eight points lost this season.

As a result, Everton had to have 35 points with nine wins, eight draws and 14 losses this season, but due to disciplinary action, it had 27 points, dropping its ranking to 16th. It is two points behind Luton Town 25 points, which is 18th in the relegation zone.

“The club’s position that no further sanctions are appropriate remains the same,” Everton said on the club’s website. “The Independent Commission has recognized most of the issues raised by the club, including the concept of double punishment and the situation facing the club,” adding, “We are doing our best to cooperate with the league on all issues related to PSR regulations. However, various commissions have expressed extreme concern regarding the points reduction measures that will be applied. The club and its legal representatives have begun preparing to appeal the commission’s decision.” 안전놀이터 추천

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