It’s not easy to find a replacement for Tuchel

Who is Bayern Munich’s new coach.

“Zinedine Zidane is not a candidate for Bayern Munich coach,” German media outlet Bild said on the 19th . Bayern Munich does not want Zidane as its new head coach.

Recently, Bayern Munich has been having a hard time finding a new coach. In February, Thomas Tuchel, who led this season, announced that he would break up after the end of the season. Immediately, Bayern Munich started looking for a new coach.

The No. 1 pick was Xavi Alonso, manager of Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Alonso led Leverkusen this season and has been undefeated in 51 official matches. He is also a rising coach who won the German Bundesliga unbeaten for the first time in history.

However, Alonso declared that he would stay with Leverkusen before winning the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich was eventually looking for a new coach. Julian Nagelsmann and Ralf Rangnick were subsequently nominated, but both were rejected.

Bayern Munich eventually reached out to Tuchel again in the midst of this situation. However, due to a disagreement between the club and Tuchel, it did not happen.

The search for a new coach for Bayern Munich is back to square one. Interestingly, Brighton & Hove Albion announced on its official website that they will part ways with Roberto DeGerbi after the end of this season. DeGerbi was a candidate for a new coach and is about to be unemployed.

However, Florian Plattenberg, a reporter familiar with the news inside Bayern Munich, nailed the rumor, saying, “Dezerbi will not become Bayern Munich coach.”

And once again, Zidane seemed to be in the running. Zidane has led Real Madrid in the past and won three consecutive UEFA Champions League titles. Since then, Zidane has been living a wild life since breaking up with Real Madrid in 2021.

Rumors of Bayern Munich taking over have recently spread. However, it was confirmed as a groundless rumor at the time. However, when Zidane’s name was mentioned once again, reporter Platenberg and Bild all nailed that Zidane was not a candidate for Bayern Munich coach. 토토사이트

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