KCC defeated Cheong Kwan-Jang 91-88 to secure at least 5th place

Busan KCC started the last home series with an escape from consecutive losses.

KCC won 91-88 on the 26th at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan thanks to the surprise performance of six men and Chung Jung-hoon in the home game against Anyang Jeonggwanjang 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball.

As a result, KCC escaped from two consecutive losses, and Jeong Kwan-jang failed to win three consecutive games. In particular, as KCC won and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis lost on the day, Hyundai Mobis’ sixth place in the regular league was confirmed regardless of the results of the remaining two games.

I’m exhausted. It doesn’t seem to have been planned on purpose, but both coaches of the two teams who participated in the locker room meeting before the game were concerned about the players’ physical strength in unison. Since I went to the Philippines to play in the East Asian Super League, I have played a lot of long-distance travel games. On top of that, Jung Joon-won is out due to injury, said Jeong Kwan-jang, head coach. The players seemed to be having a hard time, so we purposely booked a hotel in Haeundae on purpose this away match in Busan.

It was a measure to change the players’ mood, but coach Kim explained that he also ordered them to take a walk on the beach instead of training this morning, the day of the game.

Lee Seung-hyeon, Jung Chang-yeong, Lee Ho-hyeon and others are overloaded, KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin said. I feel like my battery is out, adding, I am worried about how to prepare for the playoffs. With Choi Jun-yong, Song Kyo-chang, and Heo Woong out due to injury, they have had to move due to the recent schedule of games, and their physical strength has significantly declined. KCC, which will play a home game three days later, decided to stay in Busan after going up to the clubhouse in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, but decided to stay in Busan due to players’ fatigue.

In unison, the two coaches emphasized Six Men as the key point of the match. We brought rookie Pyo Seung-bin where Jung Joon-won was absent, the coach said. We plan to use other Six Men as well as Pyo Seung-bin. Jeon also said, Coaches strongly recommend it and I’m going to use rookie Lee Ju-young. Today, I want to check how well the Six Men can play. Jeon was worried about the shooter, Lee Keun-hwi. I wondered if I was going to be good at it, but now I lose the opportunity to open the game, and I shoot things that I didn’t even do during the training session. Today, I hope Lee will survive….

As the team announced before the game, the two teams actively utilized the Sixmen to play the game. The team lacked excitement over the management of the six-man-centered game, but its enthusiasm for victory was no different from the previous one. It also had enough motivating factors. KCC is virtually certain to rank fifth in the league but has had its last three consecutive home games out of two consecutive losses. It was only natural for the team to give away consecutive wins and losses in front of its home fans.

On the other hand, Jeong Kwan-jang still had to compete for the ranking. If he wins the remaining three games, including that day, he will be able to advance to the 20th place, potentially reversing his position from ninth to eighth. Since he had two consecutive wins, adding more wins will show off his pride as a defending champion.

Contrary to expectations, the match between the two teams, which had been playing seesaw games fiercely, was not outlined until the second half of the fourth quarter. While Lee Geun-hwi and Kwak Jung-hoon hit one 3-pointer each at an important moment and sprayed cold water, Kwak Jung-hoon hit another 3-pointer 3 minutes and 22 seconds before the end of the game, effectively completing the winning shot. 스포츠토토

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