KIM can join in the same way as Lukaku

The possibility of Kim Min-jae returning to Serie A has resurfaced.

Italy’s Gazeta Delo Sport reported on the 7th that ‘the champion of Italy in 2023 that will strengthen Inter is Kim Min-jae.’

Gazeta Delo Sport said, “Kim Min-jae was Munich’s second-largest player after Harry Kane, but now there is a possibility that he will come to the transfer market due to fierce competition in the Bayern defense.” Inter Milan’s leadership has already watched Kim Min-jae since the summer of 2022. Inter Milan can tempt Kim Min-jae. This is the ideal environment for Kim Min-jae to take a leap forward in Serie A and a team that appreciates his value. It is the best place for an outstanding center back in Napoli’s time to return.”

“At the moment, the only way for Kim Min-jae to wear the Inter Milan uniform is in the form of a loan contract signed with Chelsea for the return of Romelu Lukaku in 2022. Inter Milan are receiving attention from Stephane Dubray to RT Hard. In addition, among the Inter Milan defenders, Acerbi is approaching 37, 토토사이트 and Inter Milan needs to regain the defense’s performance. The best central defender in Europe has already been tested on the Serie A stage and has achieved outstanding results,” he said, explaining that if Kim Min-jae returns, Inter Milan will also be able to reorganize the team’s defense greatly.

For Kim Min-jae, rumors of a transfer are bound to emerge. Kim Min-jae made a unsatisfactory performance in his first season in Bavaria. At the beginning of the season, he played as a built-in starter, but the atmosphere changed after the second half began. The number of games played was reduced as he was pushed to the bench, not the main player, and in the game as a starter, he was criticized by Bayern fans for his fatal mistake. Kim Min-jae’s position was taken by Eric Dier, who joined the transfer market last winter. In the game where he barely started, he was even criticized by Thomas Tuchel for his disappointing mistake.

With Tuchel’s departure and Bangsang Kompany’s new appointment, the team’s atmosphere has changed. Kompany recruited Hiroki Ito to the team through a buyout immediately after taking office, and is currently seeking to recruit Jonathan Ta. In addition, Kim Min-jae’s situation is also shaking as plans to reorganize the Bayern defense are ongoing with Levi Colwill and others mentioned. There are already divided opinions in the German media on who will leave the team along with Mathias Derricht.

In the end, the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s lease emerges in this situation, and attention is inevitable as to whether Bayern and Inter Milan will really discuss Kim Min-jae’s lease negotiations.

This is not the first time that Kim Min-jae can head to Inter Milan. In June, news of Kim Min-jae’s lease to Inter Milan was reported through Areana Poly in Italy. According to Area Napoli, reporter Marco Giordano, who was a member of Italian media company Calcio Mercato in the past and is currently active in Italian Channel 21 and Spazio Napoli, mentioned Kim Min-jae’s transfer through a live Internet broadcast.

Er Faina said, “There will be a meeting between Inaji and the entire management team soon. One request from the coach is Kim Min-jae. Bayern also opened up about the conditional loan. There will also be a meeting between General Manager Giuseppe Marotta and Agent Alessandro Buonzorno next week. Kim Min-jae is not doing well in Germany. Inter Milan can try to recruit him,” he said, specifying the possibility of Kim’s transfer to Inter Milan.

Journalist Giordano also said, “We have confirmed through German sources that Coach Bangsang Kompany may have different thoughts about Kim Min-jae. Bayern may want to cash in, so it can be implemented as a last strategy,” adding that Bayern may also consider cashing in Kim Min-jae as its last bastion.

During the season, the possibility of returning to Serie A was also discussed. There was a prospect that he could return to the Serie A stage in connection with Inter Milan and Juventus. Considering Kim Min-jae’s overwhelming performance in Naples in the 2022-2023 season, it is no wonder Serie A clubs are interested in Kim Min-jae.

Inter Milan’s interest in Kim Min-jae is once again burning, drawing a lot of attention to Kim Min-jae’s situation. Kim Min-jae’s future this summer is expected to continue to attract great attention from fans.

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