Kim Ho-ryung nervous, but it’s not over with KIA outfield Tes-hyung Choi, Won-joon Choi and Nastar

Kim Sun-bin took this player to a personal training session in Jeju.

The Kia Tigers will continue their spring training in Okinawa in earnest from the 23rd. Kim Seok-hwan, who has declared himself a specialty outfielder, will be in the second team cocoon camp, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be in the first team this season. However, it may mean that other players will get a little more attention in Lee Bum-ho”s eyes right now.

But Lee Bum-ho has a lot of outfielders who deserve attention. The Kia outfield boasts the best depth and weight of the 10 clubs. The lineup has already been practically solidified. Socrates Brito has moved to left field. Choi Won-joon returns to the center field he was used to before his military service. In right field, of course, is Na Sung-beom.

With this situation, Lee Woo-sung, who has declared his intention to play first base, may not be able to compete with Byun Woo-hyuk and Hwang Dae-in for a spot. Choi Hyung-woo’s presence also makes it impossible for the team to rotate the designated hitter. The competition for backups and first-team roster spots is too fierce.

First, there’s Koh Jong-wook, a “contact specialist” who Choi Hyeong-woo raved about, and Lee Chang-jin, who can hit and play defense. They have the advantage of having more than one tool as backups. If the starters are injured, Lee and Lee Woo-sung are the top two options.

But it doesn’t end there. Go Jong-wook’s polar opposite is defensive specialist Kim Ho-ryung. He’s a player who bounces between the first and second teams, but his defense alone is one of the best in the league. Interestingly, Kim has a secret weapon that would make even Goh nervous.

Park Jung-woo is a left-handed outfielder who graduated from Deoksugo University and was drafted with the 64th pick of the 2017 second round. His hitting potential has yet to be realized, as evidenced by a .217 batting average with six RBIs in 69 games in the first team. However, in 96 games in the Futures League last year, he hit .296 with one home run, 29 RBI, 32 stolen bases, and a .737 OPS. He led the entire Futures League in stolen bases.

He has very strong shoulders and quick feet. He overlaps exactly with the Kim Ho-ryung character. In terms of overall defense, Kim is ahead, but Park is not far 사설토토 behind. Most importantly, he has the shoulders to prevent one-hit-to-base during the baseball revolution. On the other hand, his feet are fast, so he can definitely be utilized.

In January, Park Jung-woo traveled to Jeju Island with Kim Sun-bin, Park Chan-ho, and Choi Won-joon for personal training. Kim Sun-bin, the most senior member of the team, reportedly took care of the juniors, including Park. They prepared faithfully from the inactive period. His sincere training attitude and diligent movements stood out even at the Canberra camp. He also accompanied them to Okinawa.

The Okinawa camp is centered on practice. Kia will start its practice schedule on the 25th against KT Wiz. We can get a glimpse of manager Lee Bum-ho’s game management style. It will also be interesting to see how Park Jung-woo will be utilized in the outfield. The KIA outfield is so strong that Kim Ho-ryung will have to be nervous.


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