Kim Min-jae Replacement + Dier Selection

Thomas Tuchel, 51, chose Eric Dier as the starting pitcher. Kim Min-jae 28 was substituted in the second half to help his team win.

Bayern Munich beat RB Leipzig 2-1 in the 23rd round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on the 25th.

As a result, Munich had 17 wins, two draws, four losses and 53 points in 23 matches, trailing Bayer Leverkusen 61 points in 23 matches by eight points. Leverkusen beat Mainz05 2-1 in the Bundesliga on Sunday.

Tuchel will leave Munich after the end of this season. His official website admitted the decision. After discussions with CEO Jan Christian Dresen, they agreed to terminate the contract. The match against Leipzig was the first official match after the separation from Tuchel was confirmed.

Munich made a 4-2-3-1 formation. Tuchel made a change to the defense. He put Kim Min-jae, who has always been used as the center back, on the bench. Matthias de Licht and Dier worked together as center defenders. Rafael Geheiro and Joshua Kimmich played both sides of the defense.

Harry Kane, the top scorer in the Bundesliga, was a one-top striker. Jamal Musiala, Thomas Muller and Leroy Sane supported him. Leon Goretzka and Aleksandar Pavlovic were in charge of the midfield. Manuel Neuer wore goalkeeper gloves.

Leipzig also had the best 11. Benjamin Seschko and Royce Oppenda were two top players. Xavi Simmons, Xaber Schlager, Amadou Adara and Dani Olmo were in the midfield. Davit Raum, Willy Orban, Mohammed Simakan and Benjamin Henrich were in charge of the four-back. The goal was defended by Janis Blaswig.


Munich had a decisive opportunity from the beginning of the first half. Kane attempted a header shot in the 5-minute counterattack. The ball hit the goalkeeper’s hand and hit the post. Blaswig used his reflexes to hit it superbly.

Leipzig used a fast-footed two-top striker to aim for the back of Munich. Offenda bothered Munich’s defense with an active dribble breakthrough.

He also failed to take advantage of his additional scoring opportunity. Sane received a pass from Musiala at the 34th minute and even beat the goalkeeper. He touched for a long time just before attempting to shoot. He did not score a goal in the first half.

According to Football Mob, a soccer statistics magazine, Munich led the team with a ball possession ratio of 64-36 in the first half. The predicted score xG was 0.35-0.12. There were two more shootings, with the score tied at 5-3. The first half was effectively an exploratory match.
In the second half, Leipzig beat Munich, which had fallen down. It had the upper hand in the midfield battle. In the 8th minute, Idara’s mid-range shot was fired by Neuer. Simacan’s left-footed shot from a corner kick in the 9th minute slightly deflected to the left side of the goal. Munich couldn’t keep up with Leipzig’s offensive.

It was Kane who changed the mood. Kane scored at the 11th minute with a left-footed shot while rushing to the goal. Musiala’s accurate pass was effective.

Four minutes after scoring, Munich took the lead thanks to Neuer. He faced a one-on-one situation with Seshko, but Neuer narrowed the angle and blocked the shot.

Leipzig, which had been driving, balanced the match by gear. In the 25th minute, Seshko’s shot deflected off Goretzka. Neuer was caught in a dynamic action and flew to the opposite side of the ball.

Munich threw a last-minute match in the second half. In the 36th minute, Kim Min-jae stepped on the ground instead of Pavlovic. Three minutes later, Eric Maxim Choupo Motting came in.

There were four minutes of extra time in the second half. In the first minute, Kane completed a multi-goal with a left-footed shot. Chupo Motting’s trapping hit as it was long off. Dyer scored the winning goal with a long pass. Munich won 2-1 and succeeded in chasing the leading Leverkusen. Bundesliga’s leading scorer Kane scored his 27th goal, leading Seru Girashi 18 goals, Stuttgart by nine goals.

Munich will face SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga on Saturday. It will meet Lazio in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16. Munich lost 0-1 in the first leg away to Italy.

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