Korea holds off British-Vietnamese chase to win first PNC title

Four years ago at the inaugural Pudsey Nations Cup, South Korea had a bitter taste of disappointment after leading the tournament before suffering a crushing defeat on the final day to finish second.

This time around, they’ve managed to wipe the slate clean. The Korean National Battlegrounds team, led by head coach Shin Myung-kwan, has won the PubG Nations Cup (PNC). After finishing in second place at the inaugural tournament four years ago, the South Korean squad took home the trophy for the third time in as many tournaments, following a fourth-place finish at the last event.

The Republic of Korea scored 35 points in the first half and 30 points in the second half for a total of 172 points on Day 3 of the Pubg Nations Cup (PNC) 2023 at the Sangam Esports Complex in Seoul on Saturday afternoon, overtaking Great Britain (140 points), who made a scary comeback on Day 3, and Vietnam (138 points), who impressed with their aggressive, combat-oriented play.

After starting day one in fourth place with 49 points, the Republic of Korea added 58 points on day two to jump to the top of the midway standings with 107 points.

On Day 3, the final day of the PNC, Korea got off to a bit of a slow start. They managed to survive into Phase 6 with one player down, but were only able to score two kills to close out the first match of Day 3, Match 13.

But the second game, Match 14, was all South Korea. After landing in an area some distance away from the magnetic field, the Koreans quickly took control of the center of the magnetic circle with a clever move that set them up for a big score.

With the other nations biting, the Korean team waited patiently to see what their opponents would do rather than rush in, and with a short burst of 토토사이트 firepower accompanied by mortars, they cleared Turkiye in one fell swoop, mowing down the remaining Thai team with rifles and grenades, racking up a whopping 20 kills in Match 14 alone.

After a three-kill early exit from Taigo ended the first half, Korea maintained its unchanged lead with 142 points.

In the second half of the match, she continued to pick up points in each game. In Match 15, she added 16 points to her 11-kill third-place finish, virtually putting her over the Division 9 ridge to win the title. In the final game, she added five more kills to seal the deal.

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