Las Vegas Casino Operator Confidence

Nevada’s biggest and best casino operators appear to have more confidence in their business value than Wall Street investors do.

Curcorian’s announcement last week that it plans to significantly increase its stake in MGM Mirage is the latest indication that men who have invested money in casino businesses have faith in their business and expansion plans.

The Las Vegas casino resort business has proven to be a fantastic long-term investment, but the stock has lagged this year. But the city’s top operators believe in their business.

The confidence was also evidenced by a $15.5 billion friendly offer from the two private investment groups to the Harrer Entertainment Securities and Exchange Commission at Wynn Resorts, which set the stage for Chairman Steve Wynn and partner Kazuo Okada to increase their total stake in the company by more than 50%. 바카라사이트 추천

When the smartest people in the resort business invest extra money in the company, I think this is a good sign of the strength of the Las Vegas economy. And perhaps a good example for other investors looking for a smart place to park their investment capital.

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