‘Magic Number 5’ DB, 11 or 14 day win lock scenario

Wonju DB has 14 days to win the regular season title on its own and 11 days with the help of other teams.

DB is in first place with 35 wins and 10 losses. They haven’t played in three days, but they’ve already reduced their magic number from six to five. This is because the second-place Suwon KT lost to Changwon LG 토토사이트 on the 3rd.

DB will face Seoul Samsung on the 7th, Busan KCC on the 9th, and KT on the 14th.

Regardless of the other teams’ results, a sweep of these three games will clinch the title on the 14th.

Currently, DB leads the head-to-head series with KT 3-2. If they win the head-to-head matchup on April 14, they will have a 4-2 head-to-head advantage.

Because of this, a win over KT would reduce the magic number by 3 (1 for a DB win, 1 for a KT loss, and 1 for relative strength) at once, allowing DB to erase all 5 magic numbers with just 3 wins.

Before facing DB, KT will face KCC on the 7th, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis on the 9th, and LG on the 11th.

If KT loses all three, DB can move the championship date to the 11th, when there are no games.

If KT loses all three games, they could lose second place to LG. DB leads LG in head-to-head with a 4-1 record. Because of this, DB currently only needs two more wins to finish above LG.

This is why DB can clinch the title on the 11th if KT loses back-to-back games and DB wins back-to-back games.

Of course, if DB loses even once to Samsung, KCC, or KT, the championship date will be pushed back to the 14th.

Can DB clinch the regular season title with a home game on the 14th?

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