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Manchester United’s proud prospect Kobe Mainu’s ransom has risen sharply.

Born in 2005, Mainu is one of the top promising players who is just 18 years old this year. With strong basic skills and passing skills since his youth days, Mainu was called up to the Manchester United primary team at a young age and is currently playing with players from the Manchester United primary team.

It is not even a rotation resource. Mainu will compete with Manchester United’s third-term players including Casemiro and Scott McTominay for the starting position. Mainu is said to be ahead of Sofiane Amrabat in the competition among the Manchester United players.

Mainu’s strengths are stability and quick judgment. Mainu is growing into a more complete midfielder with basic skills he has had since childhood and experience playing on the professional stage.

The rapid growth of Mainu was also evident in the A-match this March. England coach Gareth Southgate called Minu, a promising player, to the national team when existing national team players including Jordan Henderson and Jack Grealish were injured prior to the A-match period.

He didn’t just call Mainu to fill his head. Mainu made his national team debut as a substitute for Conor Gallagher at around the 30th minute mark in the second half of the match against Brazil, the first of which was held during two consecutive friendly matches. In the second match against Belgium, he started the third term with Declan Rice and played together. Mainu was named the MOM of the Match.

After the match against Belgium, Southgate said, Everyone can know Minu’s strength. Minu’s strength is his ability to receive the ball when he is under pressure or when the opponent is approaching, and to control the ball in a small space, adding, I can’t believe that when I see Minu accepted everything his way.

Thanks to his steady rise in career, Mainu’s ransom has also increased significantly. Compared to last year when he made his debut at Manchester United for the first time, Mainu’s ransom has reportedly increased by a whopping 4275 percent.

According to the soccer statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’, Mainu’s value has risen 4275 percent to about 51 billion won over the past four months. This is 29.3 million pounds (about 49.8 billion won) different from the beginning of the last season, the U.K.’s Sports Bible said.

This was possible because Mainu’s previous ransom was low. However, no matter how low Mainu’s ransom was, he had to have the ability to raise the ransom to this level. Mainu was a player with that level of talent and potential.

According to Sports Bible, some players have seen their ransom rise more significantly than these Mainu.

Leeds United midfielder Archie Gray was the only English player whose value has risen more steeply during the same period, the media said. Gray, who turned 18 this month, played 41 games for Leeds, which is seeking promotion this season, and scored his debut goal for the England Under-21s, drawing attention.

According to the media, Gray’s ransom was £13.72 million (about 23.3 billion), a whopping 7,900% increase based on ‘Transfermarkt’. The media said that Gray’s ransom is now £13.55 million (about 23 billion) higher than before. 사설 토토사이트

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