Munich, which failed two-hello, begins recruiting coach Alonso Leverkusen

Director Alonso, come to Munich.

Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga, which has virtually failed to win the title for 12 consecutive seasons, announced its separation from Thomas Tuchel and began to appoint a new coach. Target is naturally Xavi Alonso, manager of Bayer Leverkusen, who is currently ranking first in the league with no loss. Liverpool of the English Premier League is also coveting Alonso, and the competition has begun in earnest.

“Munich has opened talks with coach Alonso Leverkusen, who is rumored to be appointed to Liverpool as Tuchel’s successor.” Citing a report by Sky Sports in Germany, the media explained, “Munich is looking for the next head coach immediately after Tuchel announced that he would leave the team in the summer after the end of this season, and is in discussions with Alonso Leverkusen.”

Alonso is the best coach in the Bundesliga at the moment without disagreement. Leading Leverkusen, he is leading the league with 24 games without loss (20 wins and 4 draws) this season. Unless something unexpected happens, there is a high possibility that he will block Munich from winning the championship for 12 consecutive seasons and become the new champion. Coach Alonso is also known to have sent a positive signal about Munich’s approach. In particular, in Munich, Alonso moved from Real Madrid when he was active and had a splendid career. For this reason, Alonso also seems to be a little more positive about the appointment of Munich than Liverpool.

The key to the deal is the terms and conditions. Because of the clause in Alonso’s contract with Leverkusen, it is expected that Munich will have to spend anywhere from 13 million pounds (about 22 billion won) to up to 21 million pounds (about 35.5 billion won) to take him. Initially, Alonso has a contract with Leverkusen through 2026.

However, Liverpool is also keen on Alonso. Since long-time team leader Jurgen Klopp made the shocking announcement in January that he would leave for the last time this season, Liverpool has expressed interest in Alonso. If the competition between Liverpool and Munich begins in earnest, there is a possibility that the cost of the recruitment will rise further. Attention is focusing on where Alonso will be in his final destination. 토토사이트

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