‘Now in Week 2’ Kwak Jung-hoon, “Daegu is more humid than hot”

“It’s just the end of week two. It’s still an adjustment period. I already have the air conditioner on. It’s more humid than hot in Daegu,” he said.

Daegu KOGAS started training for the 2024-2025 season on March 3. Currently, I’m training to build my body and lay the foundation.

Kwak Jung-hoon (187 cm, F), who joined the team from 스포츠토토존 Busan KCC, has spent two weeks in Daegu.

“Every team emphasizes defense,” he said after an afternoon training session at Daegu Gymnasium on the 14th. KCC also emphasized defense a lot, but at GASCO, they told me not only the basics, such as defense and boxing out, but also that I shouldn’t just work hard, but do it well.” “I think defense is the first thing in the pros,” he said, referring to the importance of defense.

“He told me that I shouldn’t just work hard, but I shouldn’t just use my strength,” said Kwak Jung-hoon, who received advice from GASCO coach Kang Hyuk right after training.

It’s been hot lately. It’s been 33 degrees in Daegu.

When asked about his life in Daegu, Kwak said, “I just finished my second week. It’s still an adjustment period. I’m already running the air conditioner.” “I think it’s more humid than hot in Daegu. Even if I shower after exercising and go home, I sweat again. When I was at Busan Jungang High School, I was near Gwangalli, but it was cool because it was on the mountain side,” he said, comparing the weather to Busan.

Since there is no place to provide meals for the athletes, GASCO has designated restaurants for them to eat at various locations, including the Daegu Gymnasium and near the second headquarters of Daegu Bank.

“I can’t eat alone,” says Kwak. At KCC, the players eat together in the cafeteria, but at Gasworks, a few players eat alone. It’s nice when younger players like Ahn Se-young, Kim Jin-mo, and Shin Seung-min come up to me and ask me to go eat with them.” “There are so many restaurants that I haven’t been to all of them. I’m trying them one by one, and the galbitang is the most delicious among them.”

His former team, KCC, was crowned champions, so Kwak didn’t have a month off from training.

“I need to show that I’m good at what I do, not just hard,” he said, adding, “I’ll practice more to make up for what I’m not good at, and do better at what I’m good at, so I’ll definitely show it this season.”

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