Only Cleans replaced right before the qualifying round for the North-China-U.S. World Cup

The chairman of the power reinforcement committee should be elected first. It is expected to take months

With coach Jurgen Klinsmann replaced after failing to win the Qatar Asian Cup, the appointment of a new coach will begin.

Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association, held a press conference at the soccer center in Jongno-gu on the 16th and announced that he would replace Klinsmann.

The third match of the second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 North-Central American World Cup is scheduled for the match against Thailand at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on March 21. Accordingly, work will begin to appoint a new coach. “The Korea Football Association will immediately start the process of selecting the coach Cha to resolve the second qualifying round for the 2022 North-Central American World Cup,” Chairman Chung told a press conference. “Before that, we will form a new power reinforcement committee and appoint a chairman to proceed.”

Michael Mueller, chairman of the Korea Power Reinforcement Committee who led the recruitment of Klinsmann, will step down and a new chairman will be selected. It has not been decided yet who will take the helm of the Korea Power Reinforcement Committee. “We haven’t talked about the details yet,” Chung said. “We will discuss it after this press conference. We will try to reorganize the structure.”

The new coach has yet to be decided. “We haven’t discussed the next coach yet,” Chung said. “We plan to appoint a national team coach as soon as possible by forming a chairman of the power reinforcement committee.”

However, as criticism has been raised that Klinsmann did not follow the procedure in the process of recruiting coach, the process of appointing a new coach is likely to be slower than before to prevent controversy over secret election. As the chairman and committee member of the power reinforcement committee have not been decided yet, the appointment process is expected to take place over the next few months.

As he failed after giving a large amount of money to Klinsmann, there is a high possibility that the Korean coach will take the helm this time. After Shin Tae-yong, who led the 2018 World Cup in Russia, chances have increased that the Korean coach will lead the team again. Hong Myung-bo, Hwang Sun-hong, Kim Do-hoon and Shin Tae-yong are mentioned as candidates.

Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo has raised concerns that he failed to take control of Ulsan’s players despite winning the K-League 1 title for two consecutive years, while Olympic team coach Hwang Sun-hong is expected to take over as interim coach as he is preparing for the final qualifying round for the Paris Olympics. Former Ulsan coach Kim Do-hoon has no experience leading the national team. Indonesian national team coach Shin Tae-yong has a contract left with Indonesia. Kim Hak-beom, who could have been a strong candidate, has already taken the helm of Jeju United.

The newly appointed coach should be able to bring about harmony in the team. Chairman Chung also suggested the ability to unite the team as one of the criteria for selecting a new coach. “It is not a good situation to divide the team into domestic players, overseas players, 92, 96 and young players,” Chung said. “I think the most important thing is to make the team as one. That is the most important virtue of the next coach.” 스포츠토토

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