Professional Football K League 2 Suwon Renews ‘W5 Zone’ Premium Seats at Home Stadium

Suwon Samsung in the professional soccer K League 2 announced on the 25th that it has completed the renewal of the W5 zone, a premium seat at the Suwon World Cup Stadium “Big Bird.”

Suwon explained, “The renewal of the W5 zone, which was selected for the ‘Professional Sports Stadium Promotion Support Project’ held by the Korea Professional Sports Association last year, was carried out through financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Agency.”

“Through the analysis of pre-sale data, we planned to renew the W5 area as the best viewing area divided into three target floors,” he said. “As a result, the existing old seats 505 have been reborn as new seats for four people, premium table seats for two people 36, and general premium seats 180 seats for one person.”

The premium family box is a four-person mini-box for family visitors, with left and right partitions installed to provide a private sense of space, and is equipped with a USB port and a cooling fan for pleasant viewing in summer.

In addition, it is known that the top-end seats of “eurositting” installed in a number of European stadiums such as Paris Saint-Germain PSG in the French professional football league have been installed to provide the best seating experience.

The two-person premium table seats for couples are equipped with tables equipped with USB ports and cooling fans, and cooling fans for cool viewing, and the same high-end seats as family boxes are installed.

Premium seats for one person can be replaced with seats that are wider than before, and armrests and cup holders can be installed to experience higher convenience compared to existing seats.

Renewed premium seats in the W5 zone will be available for reservation from the home game against Busan I-Park on the 31st. 토토사이트

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