PXG BlackOps praised for its “great combination of forgiveness and speed”

‘Biggest distance gains and great directionality.

Golfers are raving about the new 0311 Black Ops driver from premium golf brand PXG, which launched in February.

At the heart of the new driver is advanced material face (AMF) technology. It uses a high-strength yet flexible titanium alloy that reduces the amount of spin at impact while creating a higher launch angle to help increase distance.

According to PXG, when tested against the existing PXG GEN6 driver, which utilized the same materials as the T-412, the launch angle was increased by 0.5 degrees while spin rate was reduced by approximately 200 rpm.

In addition, performance was optimized by strategically designing a ‘Bulge&Roll’ face radius through a robotic polishing face process to maximize distance and forgiveness when the ball hits the sweet spot and minimize ball speed loss on heel and toe misses.

The moment of inertia (MOI), which affects the accuracy of the shot, is also much higher than in previous models for more stable shot control. A technologically deeper center of gravity and PXG’s precise weight placement system have been designed to achieve a MOI of 10k. This reduces head sway during the downswing and at impact for greater accuracy.

The BlackOps Fairway Woods and Hybrids feature a high-strength steel face structure that is approximately 12.5% thinner than its predecessor, which, like the driver, provides increased ball speed and a higher launch angle. The new BlackOps Fairway Woods & Hybrids have a similar MOI to PXG’s previous XF Woods & Hybrids, with a low spin rate and compact head design, but with a focus on optimal forgiveness.

“The BlackOps driver is a great combination of forgiveness and speed,” said Eric Cole, who won the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year award last year using PXG clubs. “I felt like I was able to hit solid shots and get more speed on off-center balls.”

To celebrate the launch, PXG’s importer, Kane, is offering a limited-edition color shaft for women golfers in BlackOps Woods, as well as special PXG merchandise and lesson invitations for customers who purchase the driver.


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