Recruitment Of 149.3 Billion Won Lee Jung-hoo

Lee Jung-hoo and Farhan Zaidin, president of San Francisco’s baseball division, shake hands at the joining ceremony.

The San Francisco Giants, which recruited Lee Jung-hoo 25, may start recruiting outfield giants.

MLB said on the 10th, “We will have to watch with our eyes wide open whether the outfield slugger position needed for the club will be filled with internal growth or reinforced with external recruitment.”

San Francisco, which was the lowest in both the team batting average 0.235 and OPS 0.695, on-base plus slugging in the National League last year, succeeded in recruiting Lee Jung-hoo last month by investing a huge amount of $113 million 149.3 billion won for a six-year total.

However, the absence of long-range power has not been resolved.

Lee Jung-hoo, who ranks first in overall batting average in the KBO league 0.340 at-bats and over 3,000 at-bats, is a sluggers. Although his slugging percentage is high at 0.491, he produces a double based on contact from home runs. He was the center hitter in the KBO League, but local media in the U.S. predict that San Francisco will use Lee Jung-hoo as the leadoff.

MLB said, “San Francisco has never had a batter with more than 30 home runs since Barry Bonds in 2004,” adding, “New center fielder Lee Jung-hoo is a player well known for his accurate batting than his strength.”

Last year, infielder Wilmer Flores topped the list with 23 homers. Of the eight fielders who recorded double-digit homers, only two were outfielders, Michael Conforto and Mike Yastremski.

San Francisco Giants infielder Mitch Hanniger, who hit 39 home runs with the Seattle Mariners in 2021, signed a free agent contract in December 2022. However, Hanniger had only six home runs in 61 games with the San Francisco Giants last year. In the end, the team brought in off-season Cy Young Award winner left-handed pitcher Robbie Ray to Seattle.

Zaidi said he could recruit an additional outfielder. MLB.COM mentioned long hitters such as Cody Bellinger, Matt Chapman, Rhys Hoskins, and J.D. Martinez who are still available in the FA market, and said, “San Francisco Giants manager Bob Melvin and Chapman, who spent time with the Oakland Athletics, are the most consistent hitters.”

However, President Zaidi said, “It is clear that Slugger disappeared due to the Hanniger trade, but it will be an opportunity for promising owners to return to the plate,” and added, “The team can gain strength through the growth of young players such as Elliott Ramos and Luis Matos.” He added, “We will keep an eye on whether a new outfielder appears or seeks to recruit him from the outside.”

It is uncertain whether San Francisco will succeed in recruiting Aaron Judge New York Yankees and Carlos Correa Minnesota Twins as it wanted. San Francisco Giants failed to recruit Aaron Judge New York Yankees and Carlos Correa Minnesota Twins a year ago, but it also missed contracts with Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto LA Dodgers this winter. It has been struggling to recruit major players in recent years. 토토사이트

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