Reemerging ‘Judgment Controversy’

There was another controversy over the decision.

Chelsea beat Fulham 1-0 in the 21st round of the 2023/24 season of the English Premier League (PL) at Stamford Bridge in London, England, on the 13th.

Chelsea took the lead and continued the game. However, it was not finished and it was a bit frustrating. Fulham also fought back, but there was no significant scene.

The final goal came at the end of the first half. Raheem Sterling got a penalty kick when he tripped over the opponent’s defender in the penalty box in the 2nd minute of extra time in the first half. Cole Palmer came out as a kicker and shook the net with a light kick.

Chelsea dominated the second half as well, but their lack of goal decisiveness held them back. Fulham launched an attack with Raul Jimenez at the forefront, but failed to score in the end. Chelsea’s 1-0 victory ended the game.

There was a controversy over the decision after the game. At the end of the 37th minute of the first half, Gusto lost the ball while dribbling, and Willian caught it.

Gusto hit Willian’s shin while trying to get the ball back. Willian collapsed as it was and complained of pain. It was a scene that could have led to a direct exit, but the referee declared a yellow card.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino also said, “I accept and understand that it could have been a red card,” adding, “I don’t want to say too much because I haven’t seen all the angles.”

Coach Fulham Marco Silva complained about the decision, saying, “I think it’s VAR’s mistake. He will understand that I had a conversation with the waiting mind. It’s a clear red card in that situation.”

“It was difficult for referee Anthony Taylor to judge whether it was a red card or not. Gusto’s tackle was dangerous, but he judged it as a yellow card. But after that, VAR’s decision to overturn the decision has to be made,” he said. 스포츠토토

He also talked about this season’s cases. “In similar moments in the PL so far, nine out of 10 were red cards, but today was not the case. It was VAR’s mistake. It had a huge impact on the game. (If it was a red card) the game would have been completely played,” Silva said.

In this season’s PL is particularly controversial. An increasing number of teams are suffering damage due to inconsistent refereeing. Although the England Football umpire’s organization acknowledged its misjudgment in an official statement and announced a change, there has been little change.

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