Regilon, Second Loan Of This Season

Sergio Reguilon, famous for Son Heung-min’s “best friend,” is set to make his second loan move this season. Reguilon, who returned from Manchester United after half a season, will leave for Brentford through the winter transfer window.

“Brentford has almost reached an agreement with Tottenham over recruiting Reguilon on loan for the rest of the season. Reguilon spent the first half of the season at Manchester United, but returned to Tottenham earlier this month after Manchester United invoked the clause to cancel the loan. He is now planning to move to G-Tech Community Stadium Brentford’s home stadium by this summer.”

Fabrizio Romano, a British Cut Offside and a famous European football transfer market expert, posted on his social media on the same day, “Legilon is heading to Brentford. The last green light turned on after a verbal agreement was reached between the clubs. Legilon will leave on loan with no purchase option, and will return to Tottenham at the end of the season. The medical test will take place on Wednesday.”

Romano also shouted his signature line “Here We Go,” which he uses when transferring players is confirmed. Combining Ecclesher, Romano and local news reports, Regilon has only a medical test left.

Reguilon was originally expected to spend this season with Manchester United. This is because he moved to Manchester United on loan at the end of the summer transfer market. At the time, Manchester United was in a hurry to look for left-back sales as Luke Shaw and Tyral Malacia collapsed due to injury and had holes in their left defense. Manchester United’s radar showed Reguilon returning from loan at Atletico Madrid ATM, and Manchester United hurriedly brought Reguilon in at the end of the transfer market.

Reguilon was immediately given a chance because there was no competitor. Overall, he performed well and filled the left-back position well until Shaw and Malacia returned. However, Manchester United did not perform well enough to consider fully recruiting. When Shaw and Malacia both returned from injury, Manchester United invoked the clause to break the lease and sent Reguilon back to Tottenham after half a season.

As such, Reguilon returned to Tottenham after half a season. Except for Destiny Udogi, Ryan Sessegnon and Ivan Perisic, who can play at left fullback positions, were both injured, so there seemed to be hope for Reguilon as well. However, there was no place for Reguilon at Tottenham, and Reguilon eventually reached Brentford after pushing for his second loan of the season.

Son Heung-min, who was away to participate in the Asian Football Confederation AFC Asian Cup due to his loan transfer, will be separated from his best friend Reguilon again for a while. Son and Reguilon are famous for having a particularly close relationship with Tottenham. To Korean fans, Reguilon is familiar as a player who performs ceremonies next to Son when he performs ceremonies after scoring a goal. 메이저 토토사이트

The two also failed to keep pace last season, leaving Leguilon on loan at an ATM. This season, when Leguilon returned from loan, they were separated again because of Leguilon’s loan to Manchester United. With Leguilon returning early from Manchester United, Son Heung-min was expected to reunite with Leguilon after the Asian Cup, but Son Heung-min and Leguilon are expected to meet again only after this season.

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