Relax Gaming and Stakelogic Partners to Launch Innovative Super Wheel Features

Award-winning iGaming content provider and aggregator Relax Gaming works with Starcelorjic, an equally reputable game development studio, to secure licenses for industry-leading casino content. Following the launch of a new slot on October 3, Titan Strike, Relax Gaming is now positioned to take full advantage of all the launches offered to players by leveraging Starcelorjic’s innovative casino capabilities, Super Wheels.

Super Wheel Features:

The provider’s state-of-the-art capabilities will combine slot games selected from Relax Gaming’s portfolio with Starcelorjic’s innovative bonus capabilities to provide an unprecedented live casino experience and increased chance of victory for players. Super Wheels was developed to enhance live casino gameplay by bringing in selected titles from Aggregator’s library and boosting them to guarantee thrilling adventures to iGaming enthusiasts around the world.

Attractive bonus games available:

At any stage of gameplay, the wheel is triggered at random, where the host invites the player to take the player to a live casino setting that rotates the money wheel, which consists of 54 sections and contains fixed prizes. Super Wheels become a kind of lucky wheel, especially since other studios offer three attractive bonus games. This fan experience includes games such as Vegas Drops, Vegas Diamond and Vegas Hold ‘n’ Spin, offering multiple chances to win and ensuring a minimum amount of revenue.

B2B Partnership:

Since its inception in 2015, Starkelozik has made a lot of progress to become a major partner in the strictest regions, such as Sweden and the United Kingdom. Similarly, the quality of relaxation gaming has been proven through several partnerships and provider awards. The Super Wheel feature is likely to shift towards providing the most logical choices to increase gameplay and ensure a comfortable gaming experience.

Commenting on the launch of Super Wheels, Shelley Hannah, CPO of Relax Gaming, said, “Relax Gaming has enjoyed years of success with Stakeelozick’s talented team, and the launch of Super Wheels is just the latest and most exciting chapter in the partnership. We are absolutely confident that players will enjoy an exciting new evolution of live casino gamification.”

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO of Starcellozic, said, “Super wheel bonus games are an example of Starcellozic changing the basics of online gaming. Combining traditional slots with live casino technology is creating a whole new player experience. I’m excited that Relax Gaming has decided to work with Starcelorjic and to implement Super Wheels to make slot games even more successful.” 슬롯

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