Rivers Casino Schenectady Holds Electric City Poker Series

Poker fans will receive a special treat when Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady hosts the first Electric City Poker Series, which starts on Apr. 13 and runs through Sunday, Apr. 23. The Electric City Poker Series will feature 11 tournaments in 11 days and will be held at the River Casino Event Center and the Poker Room. Every event will have a prize pool with a total deposit of $290,000, and every event champion will receive a trophy.

The opening event, which runs from Thursday, April 13 to Sunday, April 16, is the $400 Mystery County No-Limit Hold, which guarantees a $75,000 prize. Every player in the event will have a chance to win up to $10,000 by simply removing someone from the tournament on Day 2. This will be the first Mystery County tournament to be held in New York State.

The Electric City Poker Series Main Event is a no-Limit Hold’em tournament that is an $800 buy that guarantees $150,000 in prize money. Mega Satellite is also available for the first and 10th events. Play smaller buy-ins when you have a chance to get more payments.

Other unique events in the region are the reverse revival and the Uber Stack Turbo. In the reverse revival event, players who have not yet been eliminated can “revive” on their first elimination and return straight to the 20 Big Blinds. The Uber Stack Turbo will have everyone start with 60,000 on the tournament chip and play on a faster watch. Also on the schedule are the Ladies Championship and Senior Championship for players 55 and older.

Registration for all events is done in the reverse casino poker room. Registration for the Mystery Bounty event and the main event begins on Tuesday, April 11. Registration for all other events begins on the scheduled day two hours before the event begins.

Guests participating in the Electric City Poker Series also qualify for a discounted reservation code for the $88 room rate at the landing hotel. Guests must pre-register for the tournament at the reverse poker room to receive the reservation code. 안전 슬롯사이트