Schutten Wins WSOP $25,000 High Roller Event

Call an ambulance, but it’s because Breck Schuten, an ICU nurse and accomplished poker player, won his first World Series poker bracelet by acquiring Event #21: $25,000 High Roller No Limit Holdum for $1,405,641.

The $25,000 Six Hand event, the second ever held, drew 272 runners, receiving $6.392 million in prize money, nearly 30 percent more than the 207 players who played at the first event last year. The field included many poker celebrities, such as Phil Ivy, Daniel Negrianu, and Eric Sidel.

But the last player to stand inside Horsuch and Paris Las Vegas was an experienced shooter who fought the best in poker between hospital shifts. Schuten won the World Poker Tour (WPT) in 2021 and finished second in the WSOP’s $50,000 high roller a year later.

This time, Schouten defeated leadoff hitter Tyler Staffman, who made $203,810 in real income before receiving his career high of $938,775.

Schutten told PokerNews that he was being “received for legitimacy.”

“I finished second to Jake Schindler and I have had those regrets ever since,” he said in an interview with the winners. “Some hands always go through your mind and you never know if you’ll ever get back to the last high roller table, let alone win.”

The final table also included Michael Rocco (3rd – $639,620), Taylor von Kringenberg (4th – $444,766), Brandon Wilson (5th – $315,771) and Masashi Oya (6th – $229,002), all of whom were looking for maiden bracelets.

After spending most of the second day as one of the chip leaders but reaching the last table on the third day with a short stack, Schutten focused solely on winning the tournament.

“When it comes to pay jumping and things like that, I was more concerned about picking bracelets than ICM, so I think it helped me to be able to put chips in when I felt I had the best hands and the best hope.”

“Right now, I’m more focused on poker than nursing, but I’m still working some shifts here and there,” Schuten said

“I love this field. I love playing against the best in the world. It’s just a great experience and it’s great to know you can win a tournament with this field.”

Now he has a bracelet and a WSOP title, is Schuten thinking of Triple Crown?

“I haven’t done EPT before, I haven’t actually been to Europe. But maybe. I haven’t thought about it yet, but maybe it’s possible.”

Most of the action took place over the second day, including Dylan Destefano foaming in pain, Alex Foxen interrupting with a non-premium, and Paul Yeager being three-and-out on the same card almost in a row.

There were 12 players who made it to Day 3, and Justin Saliba quickly went outside because his queen was unable to hit Kevin Labichow’s pocket five. It took a few hours, but Labichow was next out after hitting Staffman’s pocket queen with his ace jack.

The eliminator of eighth-place Yang Chong Xian, who was stabbed dozens in his pocket by von Krigenberg’s fishing gear, unofficially set up a final table of seven inside the Horseshoe Event Center.

After a brief break to set up the stream, the seven players returned and fought for hours, losing Ognian Dimov, and his King Nine could not hold on against Jack, the Queen of Shooten.

Next up was Oya, whose Kingjack never outdid his Pocket Nine as Von Krygenberg dropped to sixth place with $229,002.

Wilson, who maintained a chip lead on both Day 1 and Day 2, could not continue his dominance and hit fifth, and was crowned the ace queen of Rocco when fourth-place Von Krygenberg was eliminated in fourth.

Rocco was next with the 7-3 victory over Staffman’s Ace Seven. The high prize-winning pro was disappointed after making sure to win the bracelet and sentimental words to FokkerGO’s Jeff Platt after his elimination. 바카라사이트 추천

While Shurton took the chip lead, Shurton managed to double up on the competition. In the final hit, Shurton’s ace nine was dominated by Shurton’s ace queen and couldn’t get any better.

Schutten’s wife supported Schutten on the rail and posed for a photo of the winner with the newly minted bracelet winner.

Final Table Results
1 Brek Schutten United States $1,405,641
2 Tyler Stafman United States $938,775
3 Michael Rocco United States $639,620
4 Taylor von Kriegenbergh United States $444,766
5 Brandon Wilson United States $315,771
6 Masashi Oya Japan $229,002

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