‘Somewhere between motivated and reckless,’

They should have cut off his breathing, but the shocking result of letting him live….

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-cheol must have had a sleepless night. A close game. A win would have given them a 90 percent chance of winning the Korean Series. But the dream was short-lived. A shocking two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth inning.

The KT Wiz finished the first and second games of the Korean Series with a 1-1 record. KT lost the second game of the Korean Series against the LG Twins 4-5 at Jamsil Stadium on Monday. They were unable to build on their 3-2 win in Game 1.

One win and one loss away from home is a good enough result. However, if they lost the second game in a sweep, the after-effects of missing out on a game that could have been won will be significant.

KT scored four runs in the first inning to take the lead. LG’s starter, Choi Won-tae, was at his worst, giving up four runs with one out. 먹튀검증토토사이트 Realizing the seriousness of the situation, manager Yoon Kyung-yeop made a decision without delay and tried to fight back with bullpen baseball.

However, he had to control KT’s momentum. If KT scored an extra run, they could easily take the game.

In the top of the second inning, the game was on the line for both teams. One out later, No. 9 Choi Seok-ho hit a line drive to left-center off Lee Jung-yong. It was a no-brainer to second base, but the ball rolled slowly in the spacious Jamsil Stadium. Cho ran to third base. He’s quick on his feet, but it’s hard to get to third base with a line drive to left-center. Here, the LG defense made a good play, and it was caught with time to spare.

We won the first game, and it was an adrenaline rush for Choi Sil-ho, who was in a good mood and wanted to drive a wedge. The scoring chances are definitely higher on first and third base than on first and second base. But he hit it to left-center, not right-center. It was reckless, and he should have realized that in a big game, in a big series, a play like this can completely change the course of the game and the entire series.

After Choi was out, Kim Sang-soo, who has been hitting well in the Korean Series, singled up the middle.

Of course, he might not have gotten a hit with the bases loaded, but in the end, it was an unfortunate moment for KT. If LG had scored a run in the second inning against the ambitious Lee Jung-yong, the game could have gone KT’s way early on.

But something ominous happened here, and the chase was on. LG, who started playing bullpen baseball, began their metallurgical pursuit with Austin’s RBI single in the third and Oh Ji-hwan’s home run in the sixth. After failing to score after the first inning, KT was under tremendous pressure and eventually gave up a two-run homer to Park Dong-won in the eighth inning off the tired bullpen of Park Young-hyun.

There were other losses as well, including a wasted bases-loaded opportunity in the fourth inning and Park Byung-ho’s failure to catch Kim Hyun-soo’s grounder in the seventh that turned into a double. However, it was KT’s failure to properly cut off LG’s breathing room when Choi Jong-ho made an unnecessary baserunning play that will be regretted. LG was definitely revitalized by the game 2 result. KT, who took the playoffs to Game 5, is running out of steam.

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