‘Spring basketball hasn’t even started’ KBL tops $10 billion in gate receipts for first time ever…with 23% increase in attendance

The 2023-2024 regular season of the National Basketball Association concluded on March 30 with a bang. This season has seen a significant increase in attendance, especially in professional basketball, which has fully recovered from three years of decline due to COVID-19.

According to the KBL, regular-season attendance totaled 738,420, a 23% increase from last season (599,572). Gate revenue totaled approximately KRW 10 billion, the highest in KBL history, a 36% increase from last season (KRW 7.34 billion). The previous KBL record was approximately KRW 8.6 billion (regular season + playoffs) in the 2022-2023 season, and this season has already achieved the highest revenue in 바카라사이트 KBL history for regular season games alone.

Looking at the numbers by team, Seoul SK led the league in attendance with 114,229 total fans (average of 4,231), and also led in gate revenue (approximately KRW 1.53 billion). Changwon LG (96,449 total fans, 3,572 average) and Busan KCC (90,681 total fans, 3,359 average) followed in second and third place, respectively.

Wonju DB ranked first in both attendance growth and paid attendance growth, with a 62% increase in attendance (52,797 to 85,634) and a 69% increase in paid attendance (43,049 to 72,678) compared to last season.

The increase in attendance was driven by the spectacular performances of the players and the offense’s record-breaking performance. The 10 teams averaged 83.5 points per game, up 3.5 points from last season (80.0), with an increase in two-point field goal percentage (51.7% to 53.3%) and three-point field goal percentage (32.7% to 33.4%), and an increase in assists (18.4 from 17.4 last season).

In addition, the KBL and its 10 clubs have been working to increase fan satisfaction and attract more fans to the stadiums through targeted marketing and events tailored to each member through the KBL Unified Website.

In February, three years and four months after its launch, the number of KBL members exceeded 400,000, and the number of intuitive authentications conducted through the KBL integrated website increased by 68%, the number of advance memberships increased by 24%, and the reservation rate increased by 12%. The use of KBL’s integrated website has also increased. The number of visits increased by 42%, the number of visitors increased by 32%, page views increased by 78%, and time spent increased by 59%.

The Spring Basketball Festival Playoffs, which begin on Thursday, April 4, will feature some exciting matchups, including family teams, sibling coaches, and new head coaches. “The KBL will do its best to keep the excitement alive with abundant entertainment in every game of the playoffs,” said the organization.

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