St. Louis Startup Expects Online Casino Game

iTime Club, a start-up venture in St. Louis, recently launched a 60-day crowdfunding campaign at IndiGoGo with the hope of winning big prizes by developing a free online casino gaming website where players can play popular games such as Texas Hold M and Blackjack. Ozzie Smith, a familiar St. Louis face, joined forces with iTime Club to show her support for the gaming platform.

Players will be able to comfortably play casino games online at home or run down the runway on their mobile devices and earn prize money without paying a penny. I wonder how it works. As the number of players increases, sponsors and advertisers will be more willing to pay to get in front of players through video advertising. 40% of the annual revenue received from sponsors and advertisers will be compensated to players in the form of prize money.

However, it’s no secret that great things cost money, so iTime Club and Ozzy Smith are asking their players to help them realize their dreams by donating through iTime Club’s Indigo Go campaign. So, how can donations help? The iTime Club will use donations from donors to help:

Complete the creation and design of the Texas Hold ‘Em’ game. Rather than developing all seven games before the official release of iTime Club, we will develop a core attraction first so that fans can start playing as fast as possible.
Build sophisticated video marketing platforms to attract sponsors and advertisers who are critical factors in supporting prize money. ]
Donors can claim perks (non-monetary incentives) in exchange for their contributions. The perks range from seven-day passes to iTime Club Poker Live competitions, including travel expenses such as first-class tickets, five-star hotel accommodation tickets, and $5,000 food and beverage vouchers.

iTime Club Information
The iTime Club was first conceived in 2004. While this concept has evolved over time, one thing is still valid. The desire is to build an innovative virtual casino platform where people can play realistic and interactive casino games, including Texas Hold’Em, slots, and more, and make a lot of money without paying a penny. The iTime Club has launched a 60-day IndiGo campaign to help them reach their goals with the help of donors.

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