STRAT introduces new driveway pieces

The Strat Hotel, Casino, and SkyPods continue to rise as new sculptures are unveiled at the entrance to the corner of South Las Vegas Boulevard and West Bob Stupak Avenue. The new addition to The Strat, titled “LOOK!” was officially introduced earlier today and kicked off with a ceremony.

Consisting of three oreum shapes made of stainless steel, the sculpture was created by a team of three local artists: Nick Stiley, who was in charge of design and production, Adin Fly, who created the artistic concept, and James Talbert, who was in charge of CAD design and production. Blake L. Sartini, the chairman, president, and CEO of Golden Entertainment, the parent company of The STRAT, commissioned Kevin Barry Fine Art to create the statue in honor of the iconic tower.

“STRAT is located at the entrance to the Las Vegas Arts District, which is a testament to the incredible creative talent we have in our backyard,” said Satini. “Through ‘LOOK!’ and other new artworks commissioned throughout the building, we are proud to provide local artists with a platform to showcase their artworks on a Las Vegas strip.”

The three statues come in various sizes, with the smallest one standing at 8 feet tall and weighing 800 pounds; the middle one is 11 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 850 pounds, and the largest one is 15 feet tall and weighs 1,100 pounds. The head of the statue shows the skypods and the popular attraction, Sky Jump.

Satini, Styley, Fly, and Talbert joined Chris Fiumara, vice president and general manager of The STRAT; Bob Coup, Las Vegas Councilman Cedric Crear; and John Barry, principal of Kevin Barry Fine Art.

“It comes up with the origin of this impressive piece, inspired by the sheer power and scale of the Strat Tower itself and recognizing the natural tendency to raise your head and awe of this icon on a Las Vegas strip,” Barry said. “This piece inspires onlookers to actually raise their ‘LOOK!’ and it embodies more than just a very cool sculpture.”

Additional works by local artists can be found throughout The STRAT at the newly opened BLVD & MIN Taphouse, View Lounge and The STRAT Cafe. 슬롯사이트 추천

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