Suddenly pushing for a return to the EPL!

Manchester United has not given up on recruiting Harry Kane (30, Bayern Munich).

Kane left Tottenham Hotspur, which had become friendly after the end of the last season. Kane became the top scorer of the Tottenham Hotspur with 280 goals in his career, becoming a legend. Despite his stellar performance, however, he failed to secure a single trophy. Kane eventually moved to Munich to quench his thirst for a championship.

Kane was good at scoring in Germany as well. Kane ranked No. 1 in scoring and offensive points with 30 goals and six assists in 25 league matches. In the early days of the season, he had fierce competition with Stuttgart’s second baseman Girassi (21 goals), but he widened the gap and was about to emerge as the top scorer.

The problem is team performance. Munich’s Bundesliga championship is breaking down this season. Munich ranks second with 57 points, following Leverkusen (67 points).

Contrary to Munich’s faltering performance under Thomas Tuchel, Leverkusen established a dominant system under the guidance of Xavi Alonso. Leverkusen, which has 21 wins and four draws in 25 league games, is expecting the first Bundesliga trophy in the club’s history. Given Leverkusen’s performance, it is not easy to reverse the ranking.

Fortunately, he advanced to the quarterfinals by beating Lazio in the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League. If Kane is eliminated even in the UEFA Champions League, he will repeat his nightmare of no involvement after Tottenham.

In a frustrating situation, Manchester United is pushing for Kane’s return to the English Premier League (EPL). According to British Give Me Sports on the 11th, reporter Dean Jones said, “Manchester United still wants Kane. Manchester United is also looking for all possible ways as news spread that Kane wants to return to the Premier League with his frustrating performance in Munich.”

Manchester United has consistently tried to recruit Kane since the past. However, the team failed to recruit Kane despite several chances, and its troubles at the front line were not resolved. It recruited Rasmus Hoyloun this season, but has maintained interest in Kane as he is still young and has ups and downs.

The media reported that Chairman Jim Ratcliffe will push for Kane’s return. Give Me Sports said, “Hoilun’s career is just beginning. He still has a lot to learn. That’s why Ratcliffe is trying hard to get Kane to wear Manchester United’s uniform.” 토토

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