The 7th WSOP bracelet is dominated by Negreanu

To quote Rocky Balboa, “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can hit and keep going forward.”

For nearly 15 years, no one has been hit as hard in the World Series of Poker as Daniel Negrianu. The Canadian has been at stardom since the poker boom began, as his charming table attitude and ability to seem to know what his opponent is always holding have made him the face of the game for many fans. And he has won many awards, including four bracelets, which can be called “Kid Poker,” and the WSOP Player of the Year Award

But the championship dried up. It’s been more than 10 years since Negreanu won the bracelet. The last time he wore it on American soil, George W. Bush was still in the White House, and the Incredible Hulk took first place at the box office. There were many close races, finishing second five times since 2014, including the $1 million Big One For One Drop.

However, just like his favorite movie character, Negreanu kept on his feet, and he was rewarded with whatever event he wanted to win the most today. Negreanu finally won seventh place in the event #58:50,000 Poker Player Championship, and 89 of the world’s best players won $1,178,703 and the prestigious title.

“There’s a lot of relief. There’s a lot of worry about notifications coming because there’s been so much time. And it’s been nice to feel like things have gone my way at this last table,” said Negreanu after defeating Bryce Jockey from a head-up.

Since the event was first introduced to the WSOP calendar in 2006, poker experts have considered it the ultimate test of skill and endurance. Negrianu hosted the first event and has been coming back every year since then. The fact that it became his favorite event, that his bracelet drought ended there, and Negrianu was back at the top of the poker world was all the more significant.

“There’s one game I want to play the most in the world and I wanted to win more than any other game. And it’s this one,” Negrianu said. “Obviously, the main event is special in a different way. But this event is the best players in the world, with 12-hour 100-minute-level, day-and-day matches at a professional heavy field. So to get to the top, you can’t cheat it.”

Despite a long drought, Negreanu’s popularity has never waned, as a new generation of professionals has caught up with him in the bracelet count. Thousands of people tune in to watch his WSOP vlog on YouTube every day. A large crowd gathered around the rail today and chanted “Daniel, Daniel” when he won. He is constantly shouted by fans to receive photos and autographs in the corridors of Paris and the horseshoe Las Vegas. He usually does it happily, fully accepting his role as a poker ambassador.

“I was always into it. It always felt like I could do it, and it was natural,” Negreanu said. “I thought it would be fun to be on camera, giving people the opportunity to sweat with me, without bothering me one bit. So I do what I do. It’s just fun.”

Of all the people on the rail today, there was one who meant the most to Negreanu: His wife Amanda. Negreanu hadn’t gotten a bracelet since they got married, so the two on the main stage posing for a photo with the new jewelry were a special moment for them.

“It’s very cool. It’s the first time she’s been down here since we moved here, because she was going to come when I won, and I didn’t win. So it was clear that she was here,” he said.

Five players came back today to play the champions at the Horshee Event Center. Chris Brewer led the chip with 10,425,000 while Negreanu finished second with 7.675 million after yesterday’s miraculous successive blushes.

Negranu quickly took the chip lead by bluffing from Razz’s Brewer. David Benyamine, who entered the match with just 850,000 caps, quickly took all his chips to the center from another Razz pot against Jockey. Benyamine made it 9-8-5-3-2, but Jockey grabbed 9-8-4-3-2 to push Benyamine to fifth.

Jockey then led the way with a three-hand play, immediately knocking Dylan Smith out of the Raz for fourth with a seven-shot lead. Brewer drew J-9 and Norlimit 2-7 single-draws before calling Jockey’s bet $1.25 million and cutting it to $4 million, but Jockey won 8-7 to take the lead.

Negreanu pulled with Yockey when he hit a straight to beat both pairs of Yockey at Seven Card Stud. Negreanu then got a huge pot when Yockey bluffed in the Limit Hold’em with a missed straight draw and Negreanu called him in with a pair of queens to get up to 12,000,000.

The Brewer Tournament ended with a three-way no-limit holdum pot. After Negrianu limped off the button, Jockey went from small blind to 550,000 and Brewer called big blind. Negrianu also managed to make a 10-high plunge. Jockey bet 600,000 and Brewer increased to 2,300,000, leaving only 325,000. Negrianu tanked Quinten, and Jockey put in all the Brewer and snap-called the Brewer with two aces. Jockey did dozens of pairs and plush draws, and he plush into the turn, making his way to the exit for third place with Brewer dead.

Jockey led from 15,750,000 to 10,950,000 at the start of the head-up. Five years ago, Jockey’s run at the event’s final table came to an end after hitting a miraculous wheel. Today, Jockey is the one behind the wheel as Negrianu removed 10 to surrender the big pot while extending the lead.

Negranu flooded at No Limit Holdum to retake the lead, and Jockey produced an ace when the chip lead flipped again at the stud high. Negranu fell to 6 million by the time he got his last chip midway through a seven-high plunge at Port Limit Omaha. Jockey had a pair of aces, and Negranu had a straight draw with deuce. Negranu missed his turn, but he put another deuce into the river to make the trip, doubling up as a huge rail burst in celebration.

Then, as Negrianu pulled him down with a queen-high flood and opened a giant lead, Jockey attempted to brag on the river in another Omaha pot. Jockey once doubled down, but then he brought in all 6,100,000 people from a 10-high flop with a straight and flood draw against Negrianu’s Journey 7. The queen in turn gave Negrianu the entire house and made Jockey die from painting. 슬롯사이트 순위

The bracelet that Negrianu had longed for for nearly 20 years was finally his, and with it, a huge celebration began inside the event center. Negrianu posed for photos with fans chanting his name, and of course, captured the video for his vlog. After recording all his near-misses and tragic results over the years, Negrianu may finally come out on top. Tomorrow’s video will be the most watched of all.

Final Table Results
1 Daniel Negreanu Canada $1,178,703
2 Bryce Yockey U.S. $768,467
3 Chris Brewer US$519,158
4 Dylan Smith United States $363,914
5 David Benyamine France $265,054
6 Jeremy Ausmus United States $200,896
7 Phil Ivey U.S. $158,719

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