The flow of billiards, Blue1 of ‘Reverse Sweep’ beats High1 and leads alone

Blue One Resort, the “defending champion” of the PBA team league, beat High1 Resort with a “reverse sweep” and took the sole lead by winning three consecutive games.

Blue One Resort won the set score 4-3 against High One Resort by giving up three sets first in the third day of the first round of the “Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024” at Goyang KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, on the 5th. Blue One Resort is one step ahead of the competition for the first round with six points.

Even up to the first three sets, High1 Resort’s overwhelming victory atmosphere. Blue One’s one-two punch David Zapata (Spain) and Kang Min-gu lost 1-11 (7 innings) to Nguyen Phuonglin (Vietnam) and Nguyen Duc Ancien (Vietnam), and Seo Han-sol and Kim Min-young collapsed 1-9 (3 innings) to Lee Mi-rae and Yong Hyun-ji. Even ace Zapata retreated to Rupee Chenet 4-15 in three innings in the third set.

Blue One started chasing after Sron Piavi (Cambodia), who competed in the mixed doubles with Chan Chapak (Turkiye), beat Chenet-Yong Hyun-ji 9-5 (9 innings), and Um Sang-pil turned Lim Sung-kyun 11-3 (4 innings) in the fifth set to pull the reins of the chase. 스포츠토토

In the sixth set, Lee Mi-rae was defeated 9-4 (5 innings) by Sron, turning the game to the starting point of the set score of 3-3. The flow is already on Bluewoon’s side. In the seventh set, Kang Min-gu defeated Lee Chung-bok 11-8 with seven high runs in five innings and completed the reversal with a set score of 4-3.

In other games, there was also a close-up match in the full set. Welcome Savings Bank beat SK Rent-A-Car 4-3 with Viral Wimaz (Turkiye) winning two games and Kim Im-kwon beating Kang Dong-gung in the seventh set, while NH Nonghyup Card beat Crown Haitai 4-3.

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