The Match with Arsenal

Manchester City fans’ hearts sank.

Norway will have a friendly match with the Czech Republic at Ulleval Stadion in Oslo, Norway, at 2 a.m. on Sunday. It will then have a friendly match with Slovakia on Wednesday.

The Norwegian team announced its roster ahead of its A-match in March. Of course, Holland was on the roster. However, bad news came in. Holland felt discomfort in his legs during the training for the Norwegian team.

The Guardian, a British media outlet, reported on Tuesday that Holland limped off while training for the Norwegian national team. Fortunately, it does not appear to be a serious injury. Norwegian medical staff said in an interview with Norwegian media TV2 that Holland’s physical condition is fine.

If Holland is injured, it will be very bad not only for Norway but also for Manchester City. Holland is an important player in charge of Manchester City’s scoring. There has been no match for Manchester City in the Premier League (PL) for the last three years.

However, Manchester City cannot guarantee a win this season. Currently, Manchester City is ranked third with 63 points. Arsenal, ranked first, and Liverpool, ranked second, have 64 points. The gap is small enough to catch up with each other.

In order for Manchester City to beat Arsenal and Liverpool, the result of the confrontation is important. After the A match in March, Manchester City and Arsenal will face off in the 30th round of the Premier League (PL) on the 1st. Manchester City is vowing to take revenge this time because Manchester City lost the last match. Manchester City must have been anxious about Holland’s suspected injury ahead of the important game. According to British media Football London, Holland is scheduled to play against Arsenal.

Holland entered the PL last season when he moved to Manchester City. Holland was the top scorer as soon as he came to the PL. Holland had no adjustment period and scored without a period. He scored multiple goals from the opening game and scored a lot throughout the season. Holland was the top scorer in the PL with 36 goals. 메이저 토토사이트

Holland has surpassed 34 goals, which was the most goals scored in a single PL season (with 42 matches under the control of Alan Shearer and Andy Cole). Under the 38-game rule, Salah’s 32 goals scored the most in a single PL season. Hollande scored 52 goals in all of his competitions last season. Amid Holland’s performance, Manchester City made a treble.

In some cases, Holland was sidelined due to injury, but the team failed to display as destructive as it was last season. Nevertheless, Holland’s scoring ability is incomparable to that of other players. He is also the leading scorer with 18 goals in the league this season

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